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The Bible Collection

A beautiful collection of note cards and greeting cards featuring inspirational quotes from the Bible accompanied by wonderful pictures of birds in their natural settings. Quotes are in chronological order from Genesis to Maccabees. These cards are formatted and ready to print as needed. They can be used for all occasions and all types of personal communication. Inexpensive and easy-to-use. Always have that special card on hand. Home/hobby shareware The Bible Collection is listed in home, religion, spirituality, greeting cards, literature tools.

personal communication inspirational collection inspirational quotes from the bible


This business software helps you develop a story by breaking it down into "Events". You can tell SLang which event depend on which others by using "dependancy rules". SLang can use this information to order events or to analyse individual "threads" within your story. This business freeware SLang is categorized under system utilities text and document editors.

story creation text blocks threads

WS:Reverse View

This business software allows you to display mail items in reverse chronological order, displaying the original content at the top and the latest content at the bottom. The item is displayed in Microsoft Wordpad from where you can print or save the content. This business shareware WS:Reverse View is categorized under outlook addins.

ins outlook message chronological sequence


If you love taking digital photos but have little time to learn or desire to use "professional" programs to make standard sized prints, send photo emails, and perform minor photo enhancements, Photolightning is the solution for you. Following an easy three-step process, digital camera users can process a typical set of 24 photos in five minutes or less.

photo prints digital camera users ebay

Diary Defender

This office software is a solid diary application, that features password protection and multiple users. You can store images with your entries, you can print and you can export to file formats such as RTF and HTML. You can use different fonts in one entry

multiple users diary entry ms word


This internet utility is a free program that let you merge any number of logfiles into a single file and still maintain the same chronological order. This is useful if you?ve got a website with more than one front-end or a cluster solution with more than one web server for load-balancing reasons, and thus you?ve got more than one logfile for the same period of time. This internet freeware LogMerger is categorized under webserver, log analysis.

free program logfiles single file

Html Web Gallery Creator

Program creates friendly web pages on which it puts your photos. Every page has a link to the previous picture and the next picture, and to the main index file that SoftOrbits Html Web Gallery Creator creates for you. Html Web Gallery Creator is licensed as shareware and filed in graphic apps gallery, cataloging tools section.

image capture png files html web

Flexible multi-media album

Digital photo albums can be developed in such a way that with one click all information can be sorted according to people categories, location categories or subject categories. This is a software to sort photos by such information. This shareware is archived under organizer, information management, multi-media, cataloging category.

html pages slide show digital music


File and imaging utility to automatically rename photos with the date they were shot. Digital cameras have their own clock and record the date to each photos with a precision of a second. Namexif uses these data to rename photo filenames. Different format are available and user can also add a keyword. This utilities freeware Namexif is categorized under system utilities file, disk management.

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