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SWOT Expert is the f...

SWOT Expert

SWOT Expert is the first multimedia software solution for conducting a Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats assessment for your organization. Listen and watch as a consultant guides you through a structured process that asks you the probing questions that will help you uncover new opportunities and fend off threats. SWOT Expert license is demo and it is listed in business other software.

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Mission Expert is a ...

Mission Expert

Mission Expert is a new solution for creating and installing an effective mission statement in your organization. Engaging multimedia presentations guide you through a simple, structured method for creating great vision and mission statements. Mission Expert is based on a straightforward proven methodology delivered in an engaging multimedia format. Mission Expert includes all of the templates and tools you need to accomplish the process. Our visioning workshop module includes an animated tutorial that shows you exactly how to conduct the session along with our Vision Collector utility that automates the creation of the materials you need for the meetings. And our exclusive Mission Statement Creator helps you easily construct your first-draft Mission Statement. Mission Expert is a demo categorized under business other tools.

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