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Klemid''s Accelerator for Outlook

This every-day add-in for Microsoft Outlook saves many clicks. It provides the following functions. - Use one click to send your mail without saving it in the Sent Items folder - Use one click to choose the folder where to keep the sent message - Use one click to file sent mails with attachments stripped off - Schedule your Out-of-office reply within the appointment showing your absence. This business software is listed under business office suites, tools.

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As a software developer you know that professional software without Trace capabilities is almost inconceivable. Tracing is one of the most important trouble-shooting techniques during development as well as after delivery. With Log4VB your apps can create structured trace output, which can be displayed and analyzed while your app is still running. The highlights of Log4VB are: - Create meaningful, well structured trace output including the name of the application, the component name, source module and source procedure. - APIs for creating trace output in various development environments like VB, C++, .NET. - Trace viewer showing the trace output immediately without ending the program. - Visual Basic add-in, which trace-enables your VB project within seconds. - All components of your application (e.g. COM components) contribute to the same trace output. - Supports dialog-oriented applications as well as applications running on servers. - Activate the trace via the trace viewer rather than via your application. - Freeware version available. You may deliver and install this together with your app. - No need to search your hard disk looking for trace files. - Trace output is available while the app is running. The Freeware version of Log4VB is intended for being delivered with your app. Your customers can use it to record the trace output and send it to you for trouble-shooting purposes. The Shareware version allows you to load the trace file and analyze it. Various search and filter capabilities support you with this. Program user interface and documentation is available in German and English. This development tools software is listed under development tools, vb, trouble-shooting.

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