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Klemid's Accelerator for Outlook

This every-day add-in for Microsoft Outlook saves many clicks. For example, you can send messages w/o saving them in the Sent Items folder with one click. Or, choose the folder where to keep the sent message with one click. This business shareware Klemid's Accelerator for Outlook is categorized under business office suites, tools.

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MS Outlook add-on automatically creates and sends e-mail auto reply from your custom templates based on your Status (Away, Out of Office, Vacation, custom Status or Calendar Free/Busy time). Allow response to selected Contacts or Distribution lists. This business shareware FreeBusy is categorized under internet, email, outlook add-on.

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Outlook 2000/2002 COM add-in for Exchange Server users who need to send mail from a second mailbox. The add-in ensures that messages sent with the second mailbox's From address stay in the Sent Items of the second mailbox. UniSent is a shareware software filed under ms outlook add-ins utilities.

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Use your regular phone line or internet to send to multiple fax numbers, receive and manage faxes on your PC as easily as e-mail or like in a regular fax machine just load a document, type a fax number and click the 'Send Now' button. Create facsimile messages with cover pages directly from documents and pictures. Open, reply or forward them to another fax or e-mail recipients like regular e-mail using your MS Outlook. Use multiply attachments.

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Find Desktop Standard

Find Desktop is integrated with a powerful "full-text" retrieval technology supported by O.C.R. engine. This allows you to search directly in the text, starting from one word or exact phrase contained in electronic or image documents. Other functions are the mail indexing system, the enhanced scanning functions as well as the management of the classification fields associated with documents. Find Desktop is equipped of technology "Highlight"

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The classic two player strategy game. Line up four discs to win. Play against a friend or the computer. All levels of play supported from beginner to expert. Based on the classic game of 'Captain's Mistress' this strategy game will be familiar to all. 4Free is a freeware software filed under board utilities.

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IMI Fast User Manager and Reports

IMI Fast User Manager & Reports allows you to modify and export most of user properties inside your Windows 2000/2003 Active Directory. Key Benefits: Small & Fast - "One File Application"; No additional dll's, ocx, Activex, etc.; Supports user picture inside AD; Predefined Reports; Data Export to XML, HTML, CSV, SQL, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office Word. This commercial is archived under system utilities system maintenance category.

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This software is a powerful and full featured game creation language for Windows. It was designed for beginners and game designers alike, and includes as many built in features as possible, letting users work on your game, rather than learning too many complex techniques behind it. Making PlayBasic the easiest gateway into learning the are of game making for those budding game designers out there. PlayBasic is a demo software filed under development compilers, interpreters utilities.

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