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Santa Claus must do hi...

The Christmas Math Game

Santa Claus must do his math to deliver his presents in time for Christmas. He has to add reindeer to his sleigh before he can take off. Various levels. Concept game. The Christmas Math Game is a freeware categorized under educational math game tools.

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A word game where you ...

Cell Mates

A word game where you move fragments to form words. educational word game shareware listed in educational word game section.

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Build up your knowledg...

French Connections

Build up your knowledge of French while unravelling word challenges. Arrange parts of disconnected French words with their English definitions. educational game shareware listed in educational game section.

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An uplifting word puzz...

Elevator Words

An uplifting word puzzle. Elevate words to new levels. Align columns of letters to solve scrambled words. Over 300 different formats. 30,000+ common words plus additional word lists including French vocabulary. Various difficulty levels. educational language game shareware listed in educational language game section.

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A challenging word gam...

Stack Mates

A challenging word game where you move randomly stacked letters to form words. The computer selects words from categories such as Yellow Pages (tm), Common Words, Geography, French Words, etc and randomly places letters into stacks. You must reconstitute the words in the correct order. Play up to 12 words per round using 3 to 6 stacks. Various options. This is a shareware listed under educational word game category.

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Elimination is six edu...


Elimination is six educational/logic puzzles in one game of various levels. The goal is to get rid of tiles by forming forming words, math equations, card runs, or matching blocks. Tiles contain letters, numbers, cards or colored blocks. This is a unique game that is also educational and helps reinforce vocabulary and mathematics skills. Additional (free) words lists include French and Spanish for registered users. Eliminate tiles using logic. In Word Elimination, eliminate letters by building words. In Math Elimination, eliminate numbers by forming equations. In Card Elimination, eliminate cards by forming runs. In Block Elimination, eliminate blocks by aligning colors. This games software is listed under logic puzzles, math puzzle, card puzzle, word puzzle.

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A puzzle where you del...

Math Worm

A puzzle where you delve into a mathematical maze for answers to simple arithmetic equations. You must navigate the underground maze using numbers as clues while digging a tunnel for your math worm to get home. Mark the tunnel by completing adjacent arithmetic equations. Ideal for mathematical reinforcement for grade 3 and up. Various grade and skill levels. Control multiplication and division. For both home and school. Math Worm is a shareware categorized under educational math game tools.

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