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FEATURES AND CAPABILITIES: -Windows 98 and above format featuring Windows Input. -Design/analyze stormwater collection systems. -Output to Screen and/or to Printer. -Reads data files created by WETRO Dos version. -Creates data files readable by WETRO Dos version. -Tabulated Input format. -Output Tabulated in FDOT format. -User Friendly. -Other capabilities include: -Circular and/or elliptical pipe supported (unlimited pipes per system/unlimited systems). -Tabulated Pipe Input Format! -Rainfall Intensity by State and County, FDOT Rainfall Intensity Zones, or User Input Curves. -Calculates Hydraulic Grade Line (Backwater Analysis), Hydraulic Gradient, Pipe -Slope, Velocities and Capacities. -TC's Adjusted using flow time in pipes. -Optional Input includes Junction/Minor Loss Coefficient, Kj. -Calculates Preliminary Design of Storm Pipe System(s) based on input of From, -To, Pipe Lengths, Structure Elevations, Manning's N, and Desired Velocity -Ranges. Thickness of Reinforced Concrete Pipe is also considered AND User supplied(one(1)foot minimum)cover is provided along with -User supplied minimum pipe size AND User Provided Desired Outfall Invert! -Provides AN OPTIMAL DESIGN! -Versatile Printout Capability to any size paper - Portrait or Landscape Orientation. -U.S. Customary and S.I.Units -Etc. WetRO is a demo categorized under civil environmental engineering tools.

Keywords: pipe size velocity ranges pipes hydraulic gradient input design pipe system landscape orientation flow time design versatile capabilities foot minimum fdot rainfall intensity reinforced concrete pipe input format curves data files dos version hydraulic grade line pipe lengths hardware platforms screen slide

Features and Capabil...

SLS (Sanitary Lift Station)

Features and Capabilities Windows 98 and higher format featuring Windows Input. Output to Screen and/or to Printer in Tabulated Format. Data file capability for quick and easy work sessions. User editable Pump Curves. US Customary or SI Units. Calculates Maximum Head (All Pumps On) and Minimum Head (All Other Pumps Off) Conditions. Plots System and Pump HEAD Vs. Q curves User Friendly - Just point and click - drop down menus and convenient toolbar. Other Features Include: Conversion between units at the click of a button! Configuration of Wet Well Parameters. Calculation of Cycle Time Uses Hazen-Williams Equation to Calculate Dynamic Losses. Multiple pump curves can be selected and plotted along with the System Head Curves. Pump curves are manually input, labeled, and saved to files for future use. Therefore, there is flexibility in whether the design/analysis is for one pump pumping alone, or several pumps in parallel or in series. Versatile Printout Capability to any size paper - Portrait or Landscape Orientation. Versatile range of printers supported. And More! This is a demo listed under civil environmental engineering category.

Keywords: drop down menus button configuration click of a button point and click curves landscape orientation pumps capability editable maximum head work sessions versatile range hazen williams equation input output cycle time program support default music

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