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Options Czar is a fr...

Options Czar

Options Czar is a free software that was designed for helping the investor or student to learn about the financial benefits of trading with options and combinations of options and underlying assets (stock, currencies or market indexes). The application reads free data from the CBOE web site or data available through subscription (more complete) and presents an interface that allows the user to drag and click to simulate operations with options. An important feature of the software is the ability to recommend an options strategy based on the predicted movement of the underlying asset. The user introduces the amount of cash that he/she is willing to invest, the type of success criteria and the predicted underlying asset trend. Options Czar then calculates the list of strategies to maximize the profits or minimize the losses based on the predicted trend. Another feature is the ability to calculate the market trend of the underlying asset based on the market prices of the options for that specific asset. This is a freeware listed under personal finance category.

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Quick Pallet Maker i...

Quick Pallet Maker

Quick Pallet Maker is a software that was designed to help the package designer optimize the amount of products he/she can ship on a pallet load. The program input can be made starting from the Primary Package dimensions or the full box dimensions. QPM can work with standard case and pallet sizes along with metric and Imperial units. QPM contains advanced features such as the fill case option and the advanced input option, in which one variable can be tested across a range in order to obtain the optimal result. The output can then be printed or exported to a wide variety of graphical formats. QPM includes an option to export box coordinates to a CNC machine and an option to export a palletizing movie in QuickTime format. This is a commercial listed under applications category.

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