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Learn Uzbek,English,...


Learn Uzbek,English,Russian,German and French words visually, written and verbal. When information is presented visually, in a written language and in a verbal format, you learn best. Picword has about 1000 thousand nice and funny pictures. All pictures are carefully selected so that your mind can easily "picture" the word. Any of the languages can be selected as your source (native) or target (secondary) language. Picword teaches reading(pronunciation),writing and memorizing foreign words with the tools such as "Practice", "Test", "Typing" and "Train shooting game". To read the texts Picword uses Microsoft`s Text-to-speech technology. Learn foreign languages with pictures and speaking MS Agent. 37 themes are available for almost all words in everyday communication and it`s a good start to begin learning foreign words. Using Picword you also gain phychological experience to improve your memorizing skills. Picword license is shareware and it is listed in learning, educational, foreign language, games software.

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EHusBook version 2.0...


EHusBook version 2.00 Printing brochures directly from Microsoft Word 2000/XP. It is more easy than before. Easy to use interface. Works as plug-in for Microsoft Word. Printing brochures only by clicking one button. Printer paper sorting method selection. Printing in different printers including printer drivers like fax. Calculating how many papers needed. Free version prints documents containing up to 12 pag. This utilities software is listed under printer plugin for microsoft word 2000 and xp.

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