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This is very fun scr...

Battle Screen Saver

This is very fun screen saver! Few ships fly over desktop and fight one another! Just try! It is very possibly you won't wish to remove them from your desktop too soon! Download the battle screen saver and enjoy desktop battles now! After installation please select BattleScreenSaver in the Display properties. This is a shareware listed under shell, desktop enhancements screensavers,shell, desktop enhancements screensaver utilities category.

Keywords: ships battle screen saver desktop fight few fly over one another minute intervals

This is simple multi...

Pocket Text Editor

This is simple multipage pocket text editor. It does not add any formating to your text files. This helps you safely edit any plain text files. For example, text, XML, and configuration settings files. This program requires .NET Pocket framework. Installation can be made only from your Pocket PC. Please, save this CAB file into your Pocket PC and start it. This utilities software is listed under system utilities text and document editors.

Keywords: pocket text editor simple multipage multi tasking

Durable Copy is new ...

Durable Copy

Durable Copy is new program which lets you to safely copy the files containing unreadable sectors. For clear idea we are giving here two examples. For instance, you have got a CD or DVD with a certain interesting movie. You wish to watch this movie but can't do it because the disk contains unreadable sectors, and it is read badly. At that, your computer either reads this disk not properly or can't read only some sectors in it. At a time when broken sectors draw near, then depiction begins to be very unsteady. Surely, your pleasure from viewing the movie disappears. You wish you were able to copy this movie to your computer' hard disk and to watch the movie from there but, for example, some files somewhere in the middle of this disk are not read totally. In this case, the Durable Copy would be useful for you. And here is another example on which cases you can use the Durable Copy. You have got backup copies of your important text files but a certain part of your archives is unreadable, unfortunately. Moreover, all programs which usually work with broken files refuse to work with your backup copies because of these files are physically damaged. Again, the Durable Copy can help you because it is destined for reading physically damaged files precisely. This utilities software is listed under utilities system utilities,utilities file, disk management,utilities backup,shell, desktop enhancements utilities,utilities miscellaneous.

Keywords: durable copy bad sectors unreadable movie containing thumbnail screen

Same Files Assistant...

Same Files Assistant

Same Files Assistant is ultimate application for hard links managment. Hard links managment utilities have never that functionality before. This utility can create hard links. You can do it manually or from results of analyzing your disk for duplicate data results. This will help you not to use space for duplicate files storing. Functionality of hard links can be used only on NTFS volumes. Manual hard links creation has no need program registration. Use it free! Same Files Assistant is a shareware categorized under utilities file, disk management,utilities system utilities tools.

Keywords: hard link same space volume assistant ntfs creates links frees volumes statistical data

Start Menu Fast is u...

Start Menu Fast

Start Menu Fast is utility which helps you find your programs in the Windows Start Menu faster. Do you have many programs in your START menu? Do you have situations where you know the name of the program, but cannot find the program in your large START menu? If you can say YES, then you should try "Start Menu Fast" application. Start Menu Fast license is shareware and it is listed in shell, desktop enhancements utilities,shell, desktop enhancements shell, desktop management,utilities system utilities software.

Keywords: start menu fast booster find name help default mp3

This is simple but v...

Sync Last Files

This is simple but very usefull synchronization utility. This program requires .NET framework. This program can synchronize only files which were modified in the past few days. So, you can have two large folders on two computers, and you are using Flash Drive for copying files, for example. When you make some change in one of these folders you can call Sync Last Files for synchronization. It will copy only modified files to the Flash Drive. This greatly helps to synchronize big folders, which are normally can't be placed on the Flash Drive entirely. Another great feature of this utility is capability of making incremental backups of files which are will be replaced. So you can return to any version of a file, if you incendentialy damaged last version of that file. This screen savers software is listed under system utilities backup, restore.

Keywords: synchronization .net sync last service availability

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