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Direct MP3/WMA Recorder

This software will convert or record real-time stereo audio at CD quality directly to MP3 or WMA with Hiss removal. No more converting. Just plug an audio source into the sound card, record (with Noise Reduction) and have a ready-to-play MP3 when you're finished. The real-time Noise Reduction Block very nicely removes cassette tape hiss so that old cassettes can be cleaned up easily and brought closer to CD quality. The software will also clean WAV, MP3 or WMA files directly.Has Automatic Song detection to split tracks and Silence detector to eliminate silence. Also provides a "wide" stereo spatial effect which enhances the audio causing the listener to feel more like they are surrounded by the sound. Now has recording timer. Includes ID3 Tag editor. Direct MP3/WMA Recorder is a shareware categorized under mp3, recorders, converters, audio tools.

Keywords: real time audio source hiss removal wav mp3 silence time noise id3 tag editor stereo audio wma files cassette tape noise reduction time stereo split tracks spatial effect cd quality surrounded by the sound nicely tape hiss ready to play internal memory roommates

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