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LastBit PowerPoint Password Recovery

PowerPoint Password is a password recovery tool, which comes in very handy if you forgot, lost, or misplaced your password for PowerPoint presentations (*.ppt, *.pps files). LastBit PowerPoint Password Recovery is licensed as demo and placed in security, privacy other section.

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Backup Expert

Stop taking chances with your important data! Back up your documents and settings easily and securely with Backup Expert and protect yourself against accidental data loss and hardware failures. This utilities shareware Backup Expert is categorized under system utilities backup, restore.

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PowerPoint Password

This tool is a password recovery tool for protected PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint Password is a demo software filed under security, privacy other utilities.

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Crypto Composer

The declarative, modern cryptographic security system of CryptoGateway allows fine grain private person to person identity, secured access control and messaging, and DRM that is uncoupled to the hardware and software environments that they uses. This utilities freeware Crypto Composer is categorized under security, privacy encryption tools.

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This software is a lightweight component that provides strong encryption for your applications. It provides supports for most common crypto algorithms, such as:AES, DES, TripleDES, Blowfish, Cast, RC2, RC, RC5, etc... This shareware is archived under file utilities encryption tools, system utilities security, programming activex controls category.

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File Own Guard

This utility designed for strong file encryption with multi-choice compression on the fly by a range of crypto-algorithms, secure file removal (shredding) using one of the eight special algorithm (DoD, military or government approved). File Own Guard is licensed as shareware and placed in security, file, explorer replacements section.

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OneNote Password

This tool is a password recovery tool for password-protected OneNote notebooks. OneNote password protection is based on strong crypto algorithms, so password recovery is a complex task. OneNote Password uses various recovery methods: Plain Dictionary and Hybrid Dictionary attacks, Brute-Force attacks, and Smart-Force (TM) attacks (this dramatically speeds up Brute-Force attacks). An easy-to-use Automatic Mode is also available.

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StrongDisk Pro

This tool is the most proven and reliable on-the-fly encryption software exists on the market. It makes a plain hard disk into a data strongbox that can be accessed by its owner only. This utilities shareware StrongDisk Pro is categorized under encryption, security.

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