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Nature of God Screen Saver

This inspirational screen saver will remind you of the nature of God as you explore a beautiful garden, where God is the master gardener and we are His delicate flowers - both frail and fantastic. Reflect on your beauty as a unique creation of God, and find encouragement in God's strength through the words He has given us. You may download this software for free and use it for 5 days before you buy. You can also pass the free version along to your friends! This software does not contain Spam, AdWare or SpyWare - and apart from a registration reminder, it's free of advertising. Register online at any time to get unlimited access, securely and quickly for just $9.95 USD at When you register, 30% of all profits are donated to PROV3120: A Ministry to Seattle Area Women's Homeless Shelters. Nature of God Screen Saver license is demo and it is listed in nature software.

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