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E-Delivery Engine is...

EMail Delivery Engine

E-Delivery Engine is a high-performance software for opt-in email marketing campaigns, email announcement lists and newsletters . The offered feature set is the most comprehensive version of our industry-leading email marketing software. Flash Animation movies can be embedded in your email message. Unlike other email sending products our tool gives You an unique ability to send Flash movies not as referenced file but as embedded inside the message itself. So your message will deliver a high quality content as a sound and video. EMail Delivery Engine license is shareware and it is listed in email software.

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Visual Web Task crea...

Visual Web Task

Visual Web Task creates executable spiders for your download and extraction needs. You can teach your spider how to negotiate logins , proxies and security pages to download and extract what You need - files , emails , search results. One spider can invoke another and this let You create a spider to meet ANY complication level. The tool is completely visual and there is no need to be a programmer to use it. The product uses Internet explorer as web engine so installation of I.E. 5.5 or higher is required. This is a shareware listed under internet download,browsing tools category.

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Videomaster is a joi...

Video Master: Joiner,Splitter

Videomaster is a joiner, splitter, converter for movie files or fragments of any type : AVI , MPEG, SWF. The converter transforms video files into any other format including the Macromedia Flash SWF , GIF and more. Videomaster creates SWF files that provide 100% lossless quality at a very small file size. Video editing functionality has been implemented as usual copy-paste operations ,well known for every Windows user.In the matter of minutes You can open several MPEG or AVI files , mark fragments You need and paste them into the new movie file. A customisation of output's options allows to regulate frame and audio frequency, and other parameters , so You can find a compromise between quality of the video and size of the file. To every generated Flash video can be automaticly added small management panel with "start","stop" and other appropriate buttons. Using Lencom Videomaster you can create a streaming Flash Video or convert existing avi or mpeg to SWF or gif, that anyone can see without the need of any special program - plugin or codec (consider that 99% of the users are capable to see Flash in their web browsers). There is a wide area of applications for streaming Flash video. Using TI videomaster you can create: demonstration videos promotional clips banners , both gif or swf promotional clips music videos interviews trailers .... and more. This is a shareware listed under video category.

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