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MM hotkey provides i...


MM hotkey provides instant control of the windows play control (mixer) and display settings through user defined hotkeys. Ideal for musicians, multimedia technicians or home users who need instant control of sound settings. (Instant mute when the phone rings!) User definable hotkeys enable you to select only the features of the utility that you require and define your own hotkeys simply by pressing them. Runs silently in the background and is configured using the MMHotkey configuration utility. MMHotkey does not clutter up the system tray with yet another seldom used icon. Uses less that 280K of system memory when Idle. Audio Features:- Master Volume Up and Down control One touch mute/un-mute of All outputs Wave/MP3 output CD input Microphone input Line input Digital input Display Features:- One touch toggle between any two user defined display modes and colour depths supported by your graphics card/monitor. Ideal for LCD projector scenarios. Supports all card resolutions including those not usually available through windows Display settings. Application Launching Features:- One touch launch of any user specified application, document or website. Comes configured to launch the windows sndvol32 (mixer) program in both Play Control and Record Control mode. MMHotkeys is a utilities software.

Keywords: hotkey hotkeys multimedia soundcard mixer display shortcut quicklaunch key combination sndvol32 change settings freeware screensaver

WebIndex is an Inter...


WebIndex is an Internet cataloguing and filter system that compiles URLs (Uniform Resource Locators or links) in to a complete set of HTML pages for easy browsing. WebIndex has primarily be designed for use in schools and colleges to allow teachers to easily add links to the establishments Intranet or Internet pages without the need for a knowledge of HTML. To this end WebIndex allows system administrators to turn off advanced features (such as formatting and file paths), hiding these details from the end user and presenting them with just the tools necessary for maintaining the Index(s). A a total of 237699 web sites may be index which comprises of up to 49 main categories (known as Table-of-Contents entries) which are further divided by up to 49 sub-categories per Table-of-Contents entry. Up to 99 web sites may be entered under each sub-category. The example diagram below shows the WebIndex structure:- Automatic alphabetical sorting is provided for each set of entries, as is the ability to manually move entries up and down if you wish to impose your own method of sorting. Picture files may be imported for web-links if desired, and displayed at a fixed size (thumbnail style) or at original size above each link. Any section of the index may be printed (from a single web site entry to a whole Table-of-Contents) entry or, the whole index may be printed, creating a hard copy catalogue. A site licence is provided to allow multiple users to add entries. The software will only allow one user to edit the catalogue at a time however. This prevents data loss from the index becoming out of sequence. A user trying to access an open catalogue file is asked to try again later. Advanced Features:- Import header and footer HTML files into the catalogue on to the first or all pages Import Cascading Style Sheets into the catalogue to format the appearance of the index. An integrated style sheet editor is provided. Alphabetical sorting when compiling. WebIndex is a internet software.

Keywords: filter security protect indexer index catalogue link links urls url link indexer catalog intranet schools address directory classify category categories categorize ntp protocol

Executes up to 8 app...


Executes up to 8 applications and positions the windows in a user specified location. Multiple configurations can be stored as .RPS files which can be executed as they are associated with Runpos App. Applications for the program are varied but include:- Configuring a display for TV-out graphics cards (Such as Nvidia's Geforce MX). Managing multiple desktops where many different applications need to be placed at different points on different desktops. Music applications (e.g.. I need to have my recording software, sequencer, synth and sampler open all at the same time on my desktop). Launch favorite or commonly used applications and utilities with a double click. Managing favorite applications on very large monitors. The program comes as one small self-installing and uninstalling executable. RunPos is a utilities software.

Keywords: position window window placement placement place location specify position windows run execute tv out television voodoo geforce nvidia multiple desktops d graphics

The Biblio School so...

Biblio School

The Biblio School software package has designed by teachers and school librarians as a teaching resource specifically for the school environment (originally for primary school libraries, although it may be applicable to smaller secondary schools) and with pupils in mind. The librarian and teaching staff can allow as much or as little student participation as is required, facilitated by the modular design of the package. Levels of complexity can be matched to student/class/year abilities and stages of learning:- At the simplest level pupils can interrogate the library stock database using the simple keyword search module, which supports reading levels and book reviews. At the next stage pupils can be responsible for maintaining the issues and returns from the library. Next is the library database itself into which books can be entered modified etc Finally a sophisticated reporting system allows extensive statistics to be generated, manipulated, exported etc. Biblio is distributed as Shareware on a 30 day trial Basis, although the software will remain fully functional. Priced at just 70 your money gets you:- A Full site license allow you to use as many copies as you like within your school (This includes unlimited network License allowing the library stock to be interrogated from any where on the network). Unlimited technical queries via e-mail. Free updates as they become available. This is a shareware listed under databases category.

Keywords: library management school automation staged pupil participation script code

Empathy is a virtual...

Empathy Jukebox Lite

Empathy is a virtual jukebox. It allows you to extract your audio CDs to MP3 format, managing them as complete albums (along with accompanying CD artwork). Access your music using a simple yet powerful interface that is as close to a Jukebox as we think you can get (CD and play list styles also supported). You can compile play lists or create random ones, view your album covers, print a catalogue of your music collection. Empathy features several different interfaces to allow the easiest access to your stored music files. CD player style - Allows the user to select albums as though loading a CD into a player and similar in interface to most popular CD player applications. It differs by allowing you to switch between all your albums in an instant. Play-list style - Allows the user to compile play lists of individual tracks from across their entire music collection. Select an album and track and click to add to the list. Random play-list style - Allows the user to compile a random play-list from either the entire collection or from a selected list of albums. Jukebox style - This mode simulates a classic jukebox, allowing the user to browse through album covers and pick tracks. EMPRIP (included) imports music from your CDs to your collection, allowing you to add album cover images, download the track listings from the internet and modify them if necessary. You can optionally take the time to input information about your albums including Genre, Artist type, Date and Record label among others. With this information present, Empathy can filter the list of available albums to only include those that fit the criteria you select. Empathy also lets you store additional artwork from the album. Other features include: Album selection by front cover thumbnails. Multiple user support. CD Burning support. Play list save/load. Scanner support. Speech synthesis DJ. LAN and removable media support. Printing of album artwork and CD jewel cases. Empathy Jukebox Lite is a audio software.

Keywords: jukebox pub mp3 ripper album cd cover picture dj playlist archive encoder album-centric artwork information database utility tool

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