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Samaritan is a full featured and easy to use semi-wisiwig Windows help file editor, that allows you to compose WinHelp help files in an intuitive manner. It features its own HTML-like meta-language, called HML, that is an abstraction of every entities of the WinHelp 4.0 specifications. Samaritan constitutes a complete and powerful WinHelp help file creation suite, including: - A configurable preprocessor that verifies your topics and points out the exact location of the errors it finds; - A Segmented Hypergraphic Editor to create sensible images; - A multilingual spell-checker; - A dynamic editor that allows you to jump to other topics with a single click as well as hints provided in a popup list box that helps you choose tags and arguments; - A macro expression builder that will help you create functional macro expressions; - A contents file editor; - A thumbnail manager that eases the manipulation of images within your help file; - Tags editors; - Special characters picker; - Windows editor; - A browse sequence editor; - Powerful formatting capabilities including a quick-style picker; - Importing and exporting functionalities; - Classic editor functions such as find, replace and bookmarking; - etc... This development tools software is listed under help file authoring tools.

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