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Eye Spy Pro is top of ...

Eye Spy Pro

Eye Spy Pro is top of the line and number one in its class when it comes to Surveillance Software for your PC. Not only is this program at the top, it's also very user friendly. If you can click your mouse a couple of times then you can start monitoring your computer instantly! Monitor your children online and more! A very important and unique feature that makes this program a little different from many others is the "Playback Mode" feature. It's kinda like a VCR when you click the play button, everything recorded is played back and revealed right before your eyes like watching a recorded movie. Just this one feature is what makes Eye Spy Pro unique from all other surveillance software programs on the market today. This internet software is listed under security, privacy other.

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Proactive protection m...

Spy Swat

Proactive protection monitors your computer and stops spyware dead in it's tracks! Home Page Hijack Protection prevents spyware programs from changing your internet Home Page Runs at startup to provide continuous protection Scan Running Processes Scan the Windows Registry Scan Internet Cookies Log scan results Schedule scans to keep your computer spyware free Live-update feature keeps your definition files up to date Choose whether to keep or remove spyware that is found on your computer with one click. Spy Swat license is shareware and it is listed in security, privacy anti-spam, anti-spy tools software.

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Password Security Guar...

Password Security Guard

Password Security Guard is a simple yet powerful program, check out some of the features below.Features: * Saves all your usernames, passwords and the locations they are used at * You only have to remember one password instead of hundreds * All information is encrypted and secure * Copy your username or password with the click of a button * Quick links takes you directly to the website where your password is used * Sortable lists makes it easy to find what you're looking for. security, privacy password managers shareware listed in security, privacy password managers section.

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Don't you hate those w...

Browser Prowler

Don't you hate those webpages that try to prevent you from viewing their source code or saving images by disablingRight-Click? Now you can view the source of any webpage, as well as save any image from a webpage, using this source browsersoftware!!! It works just like Internet Explorer, and can even be added to the Internet Explorer toolbar! Browser Prowler is a internet software.

Keywords: right-click any webpage view source code web browser right click source browser page critic

Rename Files Master gi...

Rename Files Master

Rename Files Master gives you a quick way to rename as many files as you want, thousands of files, in just seconds!Features:Change the file name Change the file extension Auto-Incrementing Pad File Names with Zeros so that the names sort correctly Can rename thousands of files in a few seconds! Saves all settings so you don't have to re-enter them each time! Rename Files Master is a utilities software.

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Watch up to 24 webcams...

Multi Cam Pro 2.0

Watch up to 24 webcams simultaneously! Save any new pictures! Click on a webcam's thumbnail to view it full size! Even use a webcam as your screensaver!Features: * Automatically downloads webcam images * Can watch up to 24 webcams simultaneously * Can save any new pictures automatically * Click on a webcam's thumbnail image to see it full size * Zoom in and out on webcam images * You set the refresh rate for each webcam * You can even turn a webcam into your screensaverMulti Cam is the only software of its kind allowing you to view multiple webcams at the same time! This is a shareware listed under communications web and video cams category.

Keywords: webcams webcam web-cam web browser windows

This software gives yo...

Reciprocal Links Trek Pro

This software gives you ability to spider entire websites in order to find and verify links.Just enter your website, the websites that link to you, and how many links you expect there to be on each site. It's justthat simple, the software will do the rest!Features:Scan specific URLs, or spider entire sites, for links back to your website Gather links to scan directly from your existing link page. Handles an unlimited number of your websites Can scan unlimited remote sites for links to your website Handles multiple links per remote site Create, Save and Open profiles for all your different websites Smart search advance saves you time by scanning the fewest number of pages possible Generate HTML reports of your reciprocal link scans. Reciprocal Links Trek Pro is a internet software.

Keywords: reciprocal links-manager link-exchange links health status


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