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Main Functions List: Stay connected UltraDialUp will ping the server automatically on condition that your ISP will disconnect you if you idle for a certain time. The interval between the two ping depend on your settings. UltraDialUp will re-dials for you if you are in the Keep Connection condition, so you needn't be anxious that disconnection will hamper your work, you can keep your mind on other work. Intellectual Dialing Re-dials until a connection is established. Reconnects automatically if there is no response from remote server. Make your own schedules You will find UltraDialUp convenient for you can set a certain time to perform the function: dial, hang up and shut down your computer just according to your need. And you can also classify your task by Only once, Hourly, Daily, Monthly, Loop. Automatic actions If some particular actions are needed, you can configure the Action. For example, UltraDialUp can run Explore automatically for you after the connection is established. A new action Close Window has been added in this version.UltraDialUp can list the windows you opened,and you can choose the window to close in your action.All the windows are sorted by TITLE for convenence. System Hotkey Now to dial,hangup,reconnect,we needn't switch to UltraDialUp.Hit the Hotkey you defined,UltraDialUp will perform your action for you.So,your needn't break your work to click the buttons on UltraDialUp! Precise cost setting You can set weekend cost rates besides general rates and even set different cost rate of a certain account for different time sections. It is obvious that different accounts with different cost rates can make your work much easier. dialup shareware listed in dialup section.

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