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WebcastMaker is an easy to use Webcast creation tool. It allows you to create and host live or on-demand webcasts on your servers, our servers, or the server of your choice. No special server side software is needed to create and host an on-demand webcast.WebcastMaker allows you to combine "Slides" with live or on demand video or audio, or simply push slides to a client in real time while on a sales call or demo. With WebcastMaker, you can create, preview, and send your presentation to your servers, where you can launch them with any browser that supports Macromedia Flash.At a cost of only $49.95, WebcastMaker pays for itself the first time you use it. With WebcastMaker, you can enjoy being able to create an unlimited number of webcasts, for an unlimited numbers of viewers for free. Why keep paying for something when you can do it for free? WebcastMaker is a software.

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