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Klick-N-View Business Cards

Klick-N-View Business Cards makes designing and printing your business cards a snap! Using this tool you can design and print professional quality business cards in a matter of minutes! Includes templates for rapid document design. Purchase include lifetime free upgrades, more templates, clip art and fonts available for download from our web site. New features include: Designed specifically for use with Windows XP New instant help display on the status bar New support for multi-page documents New printing options including multi-person printing New drawing tools including bezier curves, polygons New alignment tools New text format toolbar New property settings, including transparency, gradient and texture fill options New page layout, including ability to instantly change document type New text alignment options, including vertical, flipped and rotated text New option to hide undefined database fields New special effects for graphics including embossing, mosaic, watercolor and more. Wizard for creating new document types, including brochures, labels and letterheads New options for on-screen display of margins and unprintable areas Improved properties settings Improved text display and print, including anti-aliased text Improved drop-shadows Improved color selection Improved template selection Improved graphics display and print Improved database Improved support for greeting cards. This business software is listed under business office suites, tools.

Keywords: format toolbar new printing letterheads text alignment quality business cards property settings alignment tools template selection templates bezier curves page documents database fields drawing tools text display polygons drop shadows greeting cards improved graphics free upgrades printing options h261 fences

Klick-N-View Reminde...

Klick-N-View Reminders

Klick-N-View Reminders is a simple, flexible tool you can use at home or in the office to remind yourself of reoccurring events, such as birthdays, bills due, and tax reports due. You can also use it to keep track of upcoming one-time events such as meetings or doctor appointments and as a "diary" of tasks you have accomplished each day. Klick-N-View Reminders includes a To Do list. Your To Do list items can be prioritized, sorted, printed. You can choose to "pin" your To do list to the side of your calendar for continuous viewing. Using Klick-N-View Reminders, you can create Sticky Notes for any of your reminders, daily notes and to do list items. Stickies include an alarm feature that can be set to either flash the sticky, sound and alarm or flash the sticky and sound the alarm. Customizations include color, display arrangement and alarm sound. This is a shareware listed under business pims, calendars category.

Keywords: alarm feature to do list stickies sound the alarm birthdays one time flexible tool time events alarm sound doctor appointments diary reminders sticky notes vob files word combinations

Klick-N-View Address...

Klick-N-View Address Book

Klick-N-View Address Book is a simple to use tool for managing names, addresses, telephone numbers, email/internet addresses and for printing address labels. Purchase include lifetime free upgrades, clip art and fonts available for download from our web site. Features Include: Right-click popup menus on just about everything Quick Reference, training cards for using Address Book Full search capabilities Customized report design with report wizard Custom Address Book categories Multiple categories allowed per address View addresses by Category or in alphabetical order AlphaTabs for shortening the address display list Custom selection filters Multiple filters allowed per address Unlimited telephone numbers per address Telephone dialing Contact log for maintaining a record of communications Unlimited email/internet addresses per address Access to the Internet and composing email SpeedWeb for frequently used email/internet addresses Personal information like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Notes, notes and more notes Export address info to a text file Import addresses from a text file or another kva file Print/Print Preview Dockable toolbar Online documentation (help) Labels Expanded drawing capabilities; Enhance your labels with rectangles, lines and ellipses. Create special effects such as shadowed rectangles. Enhanced cursors to simplify editing Selectable color for all text and drawings Color printer support Selectable fonts OLE (Object linking and embedding) support for adding pictures to your labels. Full Print Alignment and Margin Control. Klick-N-View Address Book is a shareware categorized under business pims, calendars tools.

Keywords: popup menus contact address view address book address labels rectangles telephone numbers internet addresses address info selectable fonts email book categories search capabilities custom address ellipses printer support report wizard import addresses dockable toolbar object linking and embedding jit cd business cards

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