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Lock Folder XP

This utility is a new security tool that lets you lock your files, folders and drives with your personal password. The program uses advanced encryption algorithm approved by the US Government. The program protects your sensitive data from unauthorized access, malicious programs, accidental damage and intentional harm. Just drag your file, folder or drive over to the program's window and the rest is done automatically. Get Lock Folder XP now.

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Klick-N-View Reminders

This office software is a simple, flexible tool you can use at home or in the office to remind yourself of reoccurring and one-time events. Additional features include a printable To Do list and desktop Sticky Notes with alarm. This business shareware Klick-N-View Reminders is categorized under business pims, calendars.

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WebCam Anti-Theft System for Net Bar

This internet utility is a set of anti-theft system specifically used for the net bar facility (Webcam), and it can find the loss of computer facility timely. When the computer facility (Webcam) is pulled out, it can sound the alarm, and at the same time the server administration end can be informed immediately which reminds the net bar administrator to prevent the facility from being stolen. WebCam Anti-Theft System for Net Bar is licensed as shareware and placed in communications web and video cams section.

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Time Zone Map

Provides local time and date for locations worldwide with accurate adjustments for daylight savings time. Runs on your laptop or desktop and lists locations by the City name for easy lookup. This shareware is archived under utilities - time, world time, clock category.

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wodFTPServer is an ActiveX Component that implements server side of following protocols: FTP, FTP/S (FTPS or FTP+SSL) both in explicit and implicit modes, and SFTP (secure ftp subsystem on SSH2 secured channel). Support for all 3 protocol is transparent for your programming - you have same set of events, same set of properties and methods, same control over connected users - and just one property to change to switch from one protocol to another. wodFtpServer is a shareware software filed under activex ftp sftp general protocols security, programming utilities, ftp servers, programming activex controls utilities.

server side protocols authentications

Alchemy Ping

A nice FREE graphic replacement for the standard PING utility. This utility has all standard ping features, such as number of retries and timeout, this Ping tool has a nice graphic user interface, so you do not need to launch the command prompt window to ping a host. View ping.exe not in command line window but with a nice graphics ouput in Windows application.

monitoring tool windows application graphic user interface


Manage you appointments and meetings more efficiently. Team Calendar allow you to view ALL shared Outlook Calendars from a Windows Mobile device. Quickly identify meeting slots when all required participants are available - Smart Planning. Send meeting requests. Works over any wireless connection. This commercial is archived under business pims, calendars category.

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IDN Conversion Tool

Convert International Domain Names (IDN) into punycode and back. Enter a domain name native language characters and get the encoded form to use in your server software such as DNS server, web-servers, and e-mail servers. Or enter an encoded domain name (cotains "xn--") and see the domain name in native language characters. This freeware is archived under network, internet other category.

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This internet tool synchronizes the MS Outlook data of your notebook`s and/or Home PC`s with the central MS Outlook data. Communicate at each time at each place. QSynchronization for Laptops`s and Home PC`s extends the functionality of our product OutlookFolders for Outlook and is available also as individual product.

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