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Use DeltaDarts while playing a real dart game. It helps you by showing your current score and possibly out-throws when you get close to 0. It shows your game statistics like 3 dart average, and more. It also shows overall statistics of all your games. You can play single user games and team games. You can also invite your friends around the world for a dart game with the internet game option, or invite them at home for a real tournament. You are allowed to use the program for 30 days. After 30 days the internet game option and the tournament option are disabled. games shareware listed in games section.

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Use Emailscrambler t...


Use Emailscrambler to hide your email address from spam utilities searching the web for email addresses. Emailscrambler will generate a javascript code you can place on your website. Your email address will not be visible to spam-utilities while ordinary users of your website can simply press a link that will open their email program. Emailscrambler can generate javascript code for more than 1 email address. This version is fully functional. Registration will remove the text automatically displayed in the email and will add a function to generate false email addresses to nag spam utilities. utilities,email shareware listed in utilities,email section.

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