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DUN Manager is a Win...

DUN Manager

DUN Manager is a Windows application designed to simplify and enhance windows networking, using both dial-up and routed connections. Features include single click start and hang-up of a dial-up connection defined by time or day of week; monitoring in a call status window of up to nine simultaneous connections or ISDN channels including those started by other applications and routed connections (such as leased line, DOD routers, ADSL or cable modems); start VPN call when online with dial-up; a flashing icon while online; warning icon when a routed connections drops; automatic disconnection options to avoid remaining online by accident (including sounds); block connection entries at specific times; reconnection for dropped calls but stopping at a specified time (ie 8am) or after a specified period; delayed hang-up until just before the next call cost increment; timed reconnection to drop and redial a call after a specified period (where short calls are free); alternate numbers on busy; check alive with redialling when call drops unexpectedly; auto dial support from browsers; a scheduler for automated connections and tasks including FTP uploads, FTP downloads, HTTP downloads, auto email, sync files, test server; detailed connection activity logs for problem finding; session logs with about 50 different call details including cost and data volumes (which may be exported to Excel); session reports with several sub reports (telecom costs, ISP usage, successful and failed connections, and windows user); logging of non-RAS calls (such as fax); keep alive; dial and hang-up remotely using a browser; call waiting re-enable after connection; PC clock setting and time server; program launching by schedule on when online; performance graph showing data flow speeds; import and export connection entries for backup; diagnostics including Trace Route, Ping Host, Finger and Address Look-Up and Telnet. It may be run as an service on NT4, W2K and XP. This is a shareware listed under dial-up networking category.

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MailMaint for Window...


MailMaint for Windows is a simple POP3 Mailbox Maintenance application that supports multiple POP3 mailboxes, allowing headers to be accessed, messages to be read and deleted, and new email and replies to be sent. Old headers are stored on the PC to minimise access time, but this application is not designed as an offline mail reader. Whole messages can be relayed to another mailbox, chosen from an address book. MailMaint also includes basic spam detection filtering and deletion, with user designed filers. MailMaint's main purpose is deleting messages that have become stuck in the POP3 mailbox and are not being properly deleted by your normal email application. This typically happens when the mail headers are corrupted or deliberately wrong (very common with spam email). But MailMaint will also be very useful for those that need to access multiple mailboxes. MailMaint is dial-up networking (RAS) aware, will open a connection if required, indicates which connection is being used, and will ensure it is closed down when the program is exited. While MailMaint is normally installed under Windows with all the settings kept in the system registry, it is may also be run from a floppy disk, with all server settings and preferences saved on the floppy. This will be useful for people that travel a lot and need to access POP3 mail in a better manner than a web interface. MailMaint is shareware, developed by Magenta Systems Ltd, in the UK, and supports all 32-bit versions of Windows. Until registered, it is only possible to access two POP3 servers, and it's not possible to send or reply to email. The unregistered copy still allows mail to be viewed and deleted, similarly to earlier releases. Registration costs 10 (UKP, including VAT), which is about US$18, with discounts for site licenses. This internet software is listed under email.

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CamCollect for Windo...


CamCollect for Windows will download, display and save images from the many thousands of webcams available on the internet. CamCollect monitors up to 1,000 pre-defined webcam sites, only downloads new images to save web bandwidth, supports authentication for members only sites, and contacts up to 16 webcam sites simultaneously to maximise internet usage and stop dead or slow sites effecting collections. Optionally, captured images are shown in a thumbnail window allowing rapid viewing. Images may be automatically enhanced before being displayed, captioned with site name and time, and automatically saved on disk, with file names based on the date and time (fully customisable) or with sequential numbers. CamCollect supports various techniques to overcome the anti-piracy schemes used by many webcams to prevent their images being linked from other sites. Streaming cams from sites such as Camarades may be captured as a series of stills. A built-in image editor allows images to be viewed enlarged, cropped, have text added, be colour corrected, filtered or enhanced, and saved in various image formats. A single button launches a web browser for the webcam site's home page, and webcam site information can be imported from a text file to allow rapid set-up, and saved to text files to share with others. CamCollect is shareware, developed by Magenta Systems Ltd, in England. Until registered, CamCollect will stop automatically capturing webcam pictures after five minutes, but may still be used to capture single pictures. CamCollect Release 2 registration costs 25 (UKP) which is about US$37 or 42 Euro. Existing users of CamCollect Release 1 may upgrade to Release 2 for 15 (UKP). CamCollect is a internet software.

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ComCap is a simple W...


ComCap is a simple Windows application designed to capture any ASCII data received on PC serial communications ports to text files. It includes the following features and options: - Capture from up to 30 serial COM ports simultaneously, with suitable hardware. - Captured data is optionally shown in scrolling windows, and may be copied to be clipboard if required. - Capture text files may be in separate directories for each capture port and new files may be created daily (at a specified time), weekly (Monday), monthly, hourly, every few minutes, after an inactivity period, when a new page character is received, or a fixed file name may be used. - Capture text file name are automatically generated, with a file name format customised with date and time in various ways, numeric or alphabetic. - Various options to safeguard captured data, closing the log after each line to force it to write to disk, or after an inactivity period or periodically every few seconds or minutes. - A separate log file is maintained showing when capture starts and stops and other ComCap events. - A sound file may be played when each new line of data is captured (with a minimum gap between sounds, in case of frequent data). - Raw data may be captured unchanged from the COM port, or the data may be cleaned up with non-printing characters removed and trailing spaces removed. - A time stamp may be added to start of each captured line in a customisable format, typically for alarm type applications. - A serial number may be added to the start or end of each captured line, in a customisation format, typically to ease import of data into database applications or to check log lines are not lost. - Captured lines of data may be echoed to a windows printer with a specified font size and style, but note many printers will only print complete pages and some won't print until capture is stopped. This is a shareware listed under communications category.

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