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Without privacy ther...


Without privacy there is no freedom. PrivacyWatcher offers you a level of freedom, incomparable with any similar product! It can clean up all your Internet tracks (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, etc.), including browser history, cache, cookies (with manager), as well as recently used documents, Microsoft Office tracks and more. PrivacyWatcher also includes powerful tools for protecting your privacy: - Highly reliable encryption of files using 448-bit Blowfish algorithm - Secure files deletion to prevent their recovering with UnErase tools - Startup manager to prevent unwanted programs from loading on Windows startup - Desktop lockout for preventing the unauthorized access to your computer Each aspect of its technology is based on the incredible intelligence which continuously provides your the maximal privacy. All this is based on one principle: true freedom of creativity is more, than simply a sense of privacy. Keep your internet privacy, enjoy the freedom! PrivacyWatcher is a shareware categorized under privacy,encrypting,security,disk and files tools tools.

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Although monitors an...

WinArranger Free

Although monitors and video cards are becoming cheaper every day, it is still not enough space on the screen for those people who intensively use computer in their everyday work, such as engineers, financial brokers, software developers, etc. Do they need to buy another monitor? No, there is WinArranger - a simpler solution. WinArranger helps you to use your workspace more effectively by arranging windows on your computer screen in the most optimal way. It can even hide windows borders and captions and system taskbar. Multi-monitor configurations are fully supported. Its low system requirements make it possible to use it in your office as well as at home. Moreover, it has neat and straightforward interface, customizable hotkeys and features unique layouts which can not be accomplished by the standard means. Key Features: - Hiding of window borders and captions - Customizable number of windows per each monitor - Customizable layout for each screen configuration - Three modes for window ordering: manual, by process, by title - Hotkey shortcuts for quick operation - Rules for the flexible management of windows to be arranged. shell, desktop enhancements shell, desktop management,shell, desktop enhancements utilities freeware listed in shell, desktop enhancements shell, desktop management,shell, desktop enhancements utilities section.

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