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Cross Numbers for Pocket PCs

Play number place puzzles on your Pocket PC where the object is to place numbers so that each column, each row and each 3x3 square contain the numbers 1 - 9 once and only once. The program comes with 50 grids to solve, four levels of difficulty and an unlimited number of puzzle combinations. Also included is a help file and complete setup and install. For Pocket PCs with Windows CE. Cross Numbers for Pocket PCs is a shareware software filed under games and puzzles utilities.

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Pro Tow XTR

Pro Tow Towing software solutions for the Towing industry including, Complete Towing Map Solution, Professional Towing Lot Management,Professional Lien Letter Processing, Towing Truck Management, Two Towing Dispatch Interfaces, Towing Mileage. Pro Tow XTR is licensed as commercial and placed in business accounting, finance section.

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Pyrism Windows

Pyrism the ultimate puzzle strategy Game, Windows Version. Outsmart one to five computer players while attempting to capture hexes on a map. Several map designs available with full version. Games shareware Pyrism Windows is listed in games, entertainment puzzle, word games tools.

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MyTube BigPack 3 Internet Recorder Free

You can use MyTube BigPack 3 to download videos directly from online video portals and to store and edit them on your own computer. The search result appears quickly and you can easily understand it at a glance. After you have downloaded them you can convert the clips into different formats for (portable) players or the PC. MyTube BigPack 3 Internet Recorder Free is a freeware software filed under audio, multimedia video tools utilities.

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12Ghosts QuickStart

Mr. 'Q' of the application launchers. Unlimitted hotkeys and tray icons for each entry. Open programs, documents, websites, and special system folders like StartUp or SendTo, specific control panel pages, and even registry keys in RegEdit. With a variety of unrelated functions: quick resolution changing, shutdown or logoff, remove formatting from clipboard text, set task sequence, or changing the middle mouse botton click to a double-click. This shareware is archived under windows extensions category.

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VisNetic AntiVirus for Workstations

This internet utility provides reliable virus protection to your computer, whether the threat arrives via email, web, or other delivery methods. Comes complete with scanner and an automated update scheduler. Coupled with the Server or Network admin kit, VisNetic AntiVirus can be administered from a central location providing total network virus protection. This shareware is archived under security, privacy anti-virus tools category.

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Play And Learn English

This software is designed for anyone who wants to learn English while playing a game. Suitable for children and adult beginners, this software allows you to learn more than 220 words which are organized neatly into 12 categories. Play And Learn English is a shareware software filed under education languages utilities.

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Professional Ranking Analyzer

This Professional SEO Application helps you analyze your Searchengine Listings for specific Keywords. A very handy tool for Webmasters as it saves a lot of time and shows exactly where a website is listed for a keyword and thus shows where optimization of Keywords and Promotion is needed. Usually such Software is very expensive especially if sold with licenses. To put a stop to this, GroundZero Security Research developed this application. Professional Ranking Analyzer is licensed as shareware and placed in network, internet search and lookup tools section.

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Set your PC Clock from an accurate atomic clock on the web.. You can also put SetClock on your own website so that others can use it to correct their clocks without anyone having to install software. signed Java Web Start application Requires Java version 1.2 or later. Native code for Windows only. This shareware is archived under network, internet timers, time synch category.

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