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Street is a card gam...


Street is a card game like thieves with some different things. There are 7 stacks of 6 cards, 11 sparecards and 1 playcard. The playcard is the one that is active.This card can only be replaced with a card next to it. e.g. 10 needs 9 or a Jack 5 needs 4 or 6 .... When there is no opportunity to choose, click on the playcard.This card will now be replaced by one of the sparecards. When you run out of sparecards the game is over. If you have cleared the field, it will be filled again. card, casino and lottery freeware listed in card, casino and lottery section.

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Sic Bo, is an ancien...

Sic Bo

Sic Bo, is an ancient Chinese game of chance. It may have originally used a pair of dice shaken between a plate and an overturned bowl, but today it commonly has 3 dice in a cage for tumbling. Extremely popular in Asian cultures, this exciting, engaging game is winning new converts in many casinos around the world. Sic Bo is easy to play. The object is to pick the numbers or combinations that will appear on the dice when they come to rest after tumbling. There are 50 different ways to place bets, so you have plenty of choices with a range of payouts - some as high as 180:1. gambling demo listed in gambling section.

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MrCube is a color bl...


MrCube is a color block game where you have to connect blocks. The blocks with the same color(3 or more) will explode. You are controling a arrow.This arrow needs to be locked in a row. Time to lock is limited because a crane is picking up the blocks that needs to be locked. Along the way in fun, you will need more skill and connections to explode blocks. There are also some pickups to do. Watch out for the bird. enjoy! This is a demo listed under mind games category.

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This is a card game ...


This is a card game where the goal is to clear a cardfield. To accomplished this you should predict whether your next card will be: Higher, Equal or Lower. If you have made the right choice, your playcard will be replaced by that card. If you have made the wrong choice your playcard will be replaced by the one of the 4 spare cards left of the playcard. When you run out of spare cards the game is over. If the cardfield is cleared, it will be filled again and you receive new spare cards and a new playcard. To enter the bonus level you'll need to save all 4 suits with one playcard.When you have predicted wrong the saved suits will be cleared. Hightolow is a software.

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Pokerslot is a addic...


Pokerslot is a addictive videopokergame with some added features. You can double your winnings by either pick a higher card or choose the right color(suit). Pokerslot has a simple interface to play with. The program also tracks som statistics like Games played, average win. Pokerslot is a demo categorized under card, casino and lottery tools.

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Bingo 1.3 is the lat...


Bingo 1.3 is the latest version of our bingo program.The interface has been changed and there are some changes in the gameplay. Bingo is a keno like game.You can pick between 3 and 10 numbers to play with. Once you have set up your numbers (1--80) hit the play button for the balls. There is also an opportunity to change the speed of the game and you can change your bet from 1 to 5 credits. There will fall 20 bingoballs in random order. If you have won a price you can either double it or take it.Double your winnings by picking a higher number than the lower one. The program also tracks wich numbers are drawn and how many times.So you can pick out the numbers that are drawn a lot. Bingo 1.3 is a fun game and freeware.So why are you waiting, give it a try. This games software is listed under hobbies.

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