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CD Audio Information Downloader (CDAID) lets you obtain CD information (i.e. artist, song title, etc.) from freedb over the Internet. No more guessing what the title of song 4 is or trying to remember the name of the CD in your tray. As a special feature you can export your CD collection to a XML or text file. CDAID is a freeware categorized under cd player, misc. audio, catalog tools.

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ACXtractor (Audio CD...


ACXtractor (Audio CD Xtractor) is the fast, professional and user friendly CD ripper for Win XP/ 2k/ NT/ ME/ 9x (aka audio grabber, digital audio extraction). You can extract your AUDIO CDs very easily and save it as WAV (make a copy of your original CD), MP3 or OGG. Some other features are: freedb support, MP3 support with GOGO, LAME and BLADE, ID3V1 and ID3V2 tags, OGG Vorbis support, customize the filenames for saving , use as CD player, easy selection and prelisten a part of a song, navigate through a song with a slider, edit CD info, extract multiple tracks at a time, fade-in, fade-out, delete NULL samples at the beginning and end of songs, get detailed information about your CDROM devices. This audio software is listed under cd ripper, mp3 ripper, audio, audio tools, encoder.

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