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TimeAfterTime is a powerful Multi-Timer application. You can launch upto 6 independent, simultaneous Timers - any combination of count up duration (once or recurring), count down duration (once or recurring), count to a time of day, or count as stopwatch. You can assign separate announcement WAV files to each Timer - files you have created yourself or obtained, or, you can select from the announcements and sound effects that come with the application (via a drop-down list). Special algorithms ensure announcements do not cut each other off or overlap. You can test-listen to WAV files from within the application, before assigning them. Each Timer you launch is clearly marked with what type of timer it is, the count display is bold and prominent, and it carries all the reference information youd be interested in - the name of the WAV file that will be played, whether the Timer is of recurring type or not (and if it is, how many cycles have already been completed), when the Timer was set, the duration the Timer is counting, what the current time is, etc. Each Timer's text message flashes red-blue when it triggers, to get your attention. You can audibly distinguish a once-off Timer from a recurring one, by the number of times the announcement is repeated (3 times in the former case, once in the latter). You can at any stage Hide/Show all timers. You can Enable/Disable pop-up of Timers above all other windows, when they trigger. You allocate each Timers title and message text (to flash) at the Main Control Panel before the Timer launches, but you can alter them from the Timers own panel, after the Timer launches. TimeAfterTime is suitable for a wide range of timing activities. eg. when used for cooking, TimeAfterTime is just like having a chefs assistant sitting there with a notepad and a handful of stopwatches and clocks announcing -Check rice!-, -Vegetables are ready!- (with two differences...TimeAfterTime costs you nothing and is ready to work whenever you are). This is a freeware listed under multitimer, stopwatch, timer, alarm clock category.

Keywords: multitimer recurring timer stopwatch timer alarm clock count up timer count down timer cooking timer ip address changes

SoundCopy is a handy W...


SoundCopy is a handy Windows sound recording utility, allowing you to record, save, playback and compress to mp3, any voice, music or other sound. Recording time is limited only by the amount of hard disk space available. SoundCopy can receive input from CD, the Internet (audio files youve downloaded or streaming audio), microphone, cassette player or any other line-in source. You can use SoundCopy for recording meetings, conversations and dictation. You can use it to make digital back-ups of your audio tapes. You can set it to automatically record a radio program when youre not there - the possibilities are endless. SoundCopy was created upon the lament of a visitor to Measurement And Conversion Software, who said that he could not find a free audio recorder with an in-built scheduler and mp3 compression capability. He said he was happy to do away with options for selecting different sample sizes and sampling frequencies, as long as the resulting recordings represented a good compromise between sound quality and file size, and the recorder had the basic auto-record and sound compression features he was after. After receiving this request, the author of SoundCopy performed his own web search for such a program, but uncovered nothing - confirming the visitors frustration - and he also found the visitor was not the only one with these requirements. So he set about creating an application to fill the gap, and Measurement And Conversion Software is now proud to announce SoundCopy - a free, handsome, no-nonsense and easy-to-use audio recorder with the ability to record on demand or to a schedule, and convert recorded WAV files to mp3. Enjoy. This utilities software is listed under sound recorder, sound file compression, audio capture, wav to mp3.

Keywords: sound capture audio recorder sound recorder audio compression wav to mp3 auto-record test taker

WinThermO is a graphic...


WinThermO is a graphical, interactive, temperature conversion and display utilility. The User Interface is in the form of an attractive clipboard-mounted thermometer. When you perform a temperature conversion - from Fahrenheit to Celcius or vice versa, the scale of WinThermO's thermometer automatically adjusts to the range within which the values fall, and the mercury jumps to the level of the result. WinThermO also features an extensive list of Useful Temperatures arranged in categories such as Atmosphere, Earth, Human Body, Metal melting points, Stove/oven levels etc. You simply select a category, click on a topic and WinThermO's thermometer scale adjusts to what needs to be shown, and the mercury rises or falls to the result. This is a great feature for both reference and educational purposes - the graphical depiction of the various temperatures provides context, makes comparisons easy and aids retention. Best of all, this feature is native to the application - it does not require the installation of bulky database components or capabilities. This is a freeware listed under temperature converter, temperature database category.

Keywords: temperature converter temperature database history data


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