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MegaChart is an ActiveX (COM) component that allows to dynamically create professional looking charts of all common types (2d & 3d bars, pies, lines, stacked bars etc.) with just a few lines of code on your favorite language. Chart images can be exported as a binary data to server side applications (CGI, ASP), saved in files (JPG,GIF,BMP,TIFF,TGA,PCX) or used in any Windows application. The component has ability to generate charts according to data from XML-files of defined structure. Diagram images can be maked with using of any backgound picture and also logo images can be applied. Component has special mode for automatic chart file names generation based on usage of the MD5-hashes. MegaChart can be used on Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP operational systems. MegaChart is a shareware categorized under programming utilities,programming graphics,graphics activex controls tools.

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