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Mercury Mailroom

This small utility packs a very useful punch, giving you an easy way to store the answers to frequently asked questions, search through them and then put those answers into the emails you are writing to your customers. It allows you to keep the messages organized in groups, find them as quickly as possible and then with one keypress it switches back to your email program and pastes your message into an email. Emails can be answered in just a few seconds. The process will typically be as follows: 1) Read the customer's email - press reply 2) Press F11 to switch to Mercury MailRoom (you can use Alt-Tab, or the mouse, but F11 is the fastest way. 3) Search the database for the answer to the customer's question. If you know the "hotword" for the answer then type it in. 4) Press F12 to find the message, switch back to your email program and paste the answer into the email you started writing. 5) Continue editing if you wish, or send the email. Advanced features include replaceable fields to allow customization each time a message is used and the use of file attachments that can be included with an answer. The main benefits of Mercury MailRoom are as follows: + Speed up the process of answering emails + Provide standardized answers to your customers + Preserve knowledge - the most effective answers won't leave with your support staff if they are promoted or leave the company + Share the knowledge - All tech support staff will be able to answer the same questions with perfect accuracy. + Optimized for keyboard use - all the main functions of the programs are designed to be used with a single keystroke, enabling users to answer emails as quickly as they can think of the right answer to send to the customer ! email shareware listed in email section.

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