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Full Table Black Jac...

Full Table Black Jack

Full Table Black Jack was designed to teach people what it's like to gamble at the black jack table and to show why casinos only get larger instead of smaller. So if you think you know black jack, give it a go. All blackjack rules are in the comprehensive help file and when you combine that with the built-in 'suggest' mode this is a great simulator for a beginner. However, FTBJ was actually designed as a work-out tool for people who already know advanced blackjack strategies. So if you're an avid blackjack player wanting to prepare for your next visit to the casinos, you will appreciate the high degree of authenticity this program offers. Complete with simulated black jack players whose artificial intelligence increases the realism of other players coming and going from the table. Full Table Black Jack is a shareware categorized under home and hobby tools.

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Display personal bio...

Bio-Calendar Pro

Display personal biorhythm information in the form of an easy-to-ready calendar. Multi-functional color-coded software shows biorhythms in 3 different display formats: 1) the traditional sine wave 2) the new daily slices display type which also includes the animated compare mode so you can see how you and your significant other relate. 3) the 3-D hybrid of the previous 2 modes. Use stock calendars from 'The Gallery' or create your own with the built-in calendar editor. Extensive Printing capabilities: Print calendars full-sized or pocket sized and share them with your friends. This home/hobby software is listed under miscellaneous.

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Designed to show you...


Designed to show you what it's like to gamble at the race track, Quarter-Horse-Play is a horse racing simulator you can actually play off the computer on a game-board-like setting. Quarter-Horse-Play can teach you about such items as: What a tote board is and how to read it. What it means to make a WIN, PLACE or SHOW wager. What the odds are and how they're calculated. and much more. Quarter-Horse-Play is a games software.

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What is: 'Picture Th...

Picture This Text

What is: 'Picture This Text'? It's exactly what you see in the images above... Quite simply.... it's a picture.... but it's a picture with a twist. It's created using the letters, numbers and symbols you find on a standard keyboard. It's as if you put a sheet of paper into a typewriter (you do remember what a typewriter is) then typed a page full of random characters and when it's done, step back and, bingo, there's a picture in those characters. From a distance you see the actual image but close up all you can see are letters, numbers and symbols. It's pretty cool the way this works and anyone who's seen one of these has been amazed and find themselves examining it close up and far away. And think about this... you could print your text art and take it to work to show all your friends because it's ' not ' expensive. All this is done in black and white which means you don't have to worry about using your high-dollar color ink cartridge. Just put in a black ink cartridge and away you go. You can print these jewels all day long. Complete with a comprehensive context-sensitive help file. Picture This Text license is shareware and it is listed in home and hobby software.

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Do you want real int...


Do you want real internet security? Security you can see, security 'you' control. For text communication and file encryption get MyPadLock. Encryption keys are not random - you choose the keys to lock your information and you can change the keys as often as necessary. Keys are not saved in the secured information. If fact, your keys are not on your computer at all. They're in your head or wherever you wrote them down. If you received the following message in your inbox or as an instant message from a chat buddy, and if you were using the correct key, you could read this message: p@J\YYMm ?IlBHSGS}OXGY MTBXLJxpXjpH@\ ZYaOYYAV |HSSAIUO Wa?KP@SXXq AK]ZZNn@JmCI THT~PYHZ NUCYdHWQIT NPNMSDbPU _IglXELJVU SJmCIDJC ~XYXXOLZVaC So if you need more privacy in chat, instant messenger, email or sensitive file transfers then MyPadLock is your answer. It provides the locks and you provide the keys. - Secure your them with the keys of your choosing and give the keys to people you trust. When and if the need arises, change padlocks and keys. A new easy-to-use design in security that puts you in control. This is a shareware listed under security category.

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Powerful Messaging E...

Message Encryption Application

Powerful Messaging Encryption Software for personal privacy protection. Protect your personal messages with encryption keys of your choice. Tthen give the keys to people you trust. - When or if the need arises, change the keys to ensure continued privacy. This concept is different in that you can actually see the results of using your encryption keys. No more wondering if what you send over the internet is actually secured or not. Outstanding 'Identity Theft' software protection. Message Encryption Application is a internet software.

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