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SoundLeech is an app...


SoundLeech is an application that captures sound from other programs. Contrary to most solutions which involve emulation drivers, SoundLeech runs as a simple application and captures sound from the applications themselves, rather than "what you hear". Because it captures directly from applications and not from the soundcard, it can simultaneously capture multiple streams, even from the same program. With Sound Leech, you can finally obtain a digital copy of streaming audio, create a ringtone from that awesome in-game sound effect or... well, if you have particular interests, let us know. This is a freeware listed under audio, multimedia audio file recorders category.

Keywords: soundcard multiple streams sound effect ringtone game sound reading program mpeg2 avi

MiLoPhoto is a progr...


MiLoPhoto is a program designed to aid in working with digital images. It is built for viewing, editing, finding, eporting and printing images. You can add and edit attributes to your image files that you can use later on to find specific images. You can export your images with a folder structure to another location. For instance for burning a CD with your images. You can create HTML files that show your images as thumbnails and a larger size. You can easily print your images with the page setup as you have choosen it. You can view the image in full screen. Create greeting cards from your photo's. This graphics software is listed under viewer, editor, print, catalog.

Keywords: burning a cd printing images digital images attributes greeting cards thumbnails choosen html files image files folder structure photo piano music signs of the zodiac

MiLo's Jukebox is a ...

MiLo's Jukebox

MiLo's Jukebox is a small yet powerfull multimedia player. It lets you create and manage playlists, and play virtually any file. Features: Plays all registered multimedia formats, such as WAVE, MIDI, MPEG, MP3, AVI. Selectable playback device (e.g. multiple soundcards or synthesizers) Create, use, save and load playlists Shuffle play Trackbar to jump to any desired location in a file while playing Uses very little system resources Read embedded title information from MIDI files. MiLo's Jukebox license is shareware and it is listed in jukebox software.

Keywords: jukebox playlists shuffle mpeg wave midi synthesizers multimedia player powerfull midi files playback device soundcards mp3 multimedia formats milo entire network calculator applet

CD Wave is a program...

CD Wave Editor

CD Wave is a program designed to aid in CD-Recordable mastering. It was built for splitting WAV files from any source, like LP, tape or even CD. After recording, you can let CD Wave automatically calculate split points, or you can manually add and delete split points. After this, you can write out the tracks as individual wave files and use any CDR mastering program to write a disc that has no clicks or pops in between tracks. You can also directly write out MP3, FLAC or OGG files to play on your portable device or for archiving and online sharing. CD Wave can also act as a simple audio recorder and editor, allowing you to record and playback audio, and cut out parts that you want to keep. You can even let CD Wave replace your tape deck, and program it to start recording at any given time. Since CD Wave can read and write CUE sheets, you can also use it as a CUE sheet editor for CDRWin CD Wave supports all uncompressed audio formats up to 24-bit, at any sample rate and any number of channels (mono, stereo, quad, dolby 5.1). CD Wave Editor license is shareware and it is listed in splitter, recorder, encoder, editor software.

Keywords: cue sheet editor split points cdrwin flac given time audio recorder wave files cue sheets ogg files even cd wav files cdr archiving cd recordable mono stereo example database files avi

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