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Lottery statistic analyser software

Lottery Statistic Analyser is developed or distributed by MicraCom and is licensed as shareware. Lottery Statistic Analyser analyst software for you lottery. Lottery Statistic Analyser is frequency analyst software that works by calculating thousands of equations on past draw results then with the findings creates a mathematical algorithm that's unique to your lottery draw results.This is not a random number generator and in no point uses random numbers, LSA is based on math 100% LSA is compatible with any 5 to 7 number lottery with up to 99 numbers. The calculations used to create LSA's algorithm include Using the number of lottery draws between individual ball appearances. The amount of times each ball appeared. Dates and days frequencies regression techniques Plus much more. This algorithm is unique to the Lottery Statistic Analyser which helps it and you to predict the next 6 draw numbers. LSA's features. On-line database updatesPerms: 36 different pre made perms, plus create your own feature.Hot Warm and cold number filteringFilter any day, week or month from results i.e filter any March from all years, Calculate ball appearances and frequencies. Detailed statistical analyst reports of past results. Next numbers most likely to appear based on previous draw calculations. Break down number placement graph plus a full results graph, and much more, you have to see this software to understand how powerful it really is....

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