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WorkCentrics for Microsoft Office

WorkCentrics for Microsoft Office is a powerful time tracking and activity management system that not only takes advantage of, but enhances, existing data and functionality on your desktop. WorkCentrics supercharges the Microsoft Outlook personal information manager to create an all-in-one solution to your time tracking needs. Integration with Outlook is delivered in real-time, and the programís simple TimeCard interface lets you effortlessly manage the links between your time and the other elements of your work product, including your documents and Outlook tasks, appointments, notes and messages. Flexible installation and setup options provide customizable solutions for any professional service provider, from those with simple time tracking needs in government, education, and sales, to those with more complex billing or job costing needs, such as attorneys, accountants and architects. When optionally used with the Microsoft Exchange Server collaboration platform, these benefits are extended across the enterprise. WorkCentrics for Microsoft Office license is demo and it is listed in office add-ons, time tracking, project managment software.

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