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Installing and unins...

MindSoft Registry Cleaner

Installing and uninstalling programs leave traces in Windows registry which make it bigger and the system becomes more sensible to errors. Even the use of your common programs or the daily activity in Windows can leave traces and slow your PC down. This tool has been designed to be used in an intuitive way, with a clear interface and all the needed features to perform a useful cleaning. What does this program do? This program will look for all wrong registry entrances, finding therefore wrong paths, references to file associations, wrong fonts, forgotten entries not erased by uninstalling programs, shared DLL references which are wrong, etc. There is a list of exclusions which will avoid the search for information in registry folders where the erasing of some registry keys could be risky. This program allows the edition of each found entry to even be able to examine in more detail the found problem. 300 problems found Don't be surprised if this happens! Install right now Registry Cleaner and perform a regular cleaning in your equipment. We recommend you to use this program at least once a week if you often install and uninstall programs, or every two weeks if you don't usually perform important changes in your PC. registry shareware listed in registry section.

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Can you defrag your ...

MindSoft Defrag Lite

Can you defrag your hard disk in 20 minutes with your other defragmenters? You know that Windows® XP operating system includes its own disk defragmenter, however, our product is much more useful. The MFO© technology already used in many other MindSoft products, is now improved to be included in this software, able to decide by itself what elements in your disk (folders, files, programs) have to be accelerated according to their use. Install MindSoft® Defrag right now, it will be like buying a new computer. Why defragment disks? Hundreds, thousands of files stored in your hard disk are spread all over the different parts of the disk. Fragmentation takes place while files are eliminated in the disk and new ones are added. A fragmented disk is a slow disk and it ends up by slowing down your computer. A convenient defragmentation of your PC will make it seem newer and faster, making it run efficiently, saving you time and money. This is a shareware listed under defragmenters category.

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No matter what you e...

MindSoft Undelete

No matter what you erased No matter what you have erased, if you did it in a conscious or unconscious way. If you definetely erased it from the trash can, if it was accidental. It doesn't matter. MindSoft Undelete will recover your lost data. MindSoft Undelete advanced features: It doesn't matter if your disk has been format, if you have lost the partition or if your PC has suffered an electrical or mechanic failure. Undelete is going to recover your data. AFR© Technology system that guarantees data recovery in your hard disk with our product installed in your PC. This product explores your disk unit in search of partitions that already exist or have been erased to try to chase the existence of old files already erased. Perform precise research to recover only the wanted data. The program will show you the state of the files you wish to recover. 100% compatible with Windows XP. Recover your data from FAT12/16/32 and NTFS (including compressed and encrypted) partitions. file, security shareware listed in file, security section.

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Now you can accelera...

MindSoft Utilities XP

Now you can accelerate your PC in a spectacular way thanks to the new SPC© technology. Analyse and repair your hard disks. Recover so much space in your hard disk that it will look like new. Avoid failures and accelerate your PC in the same way as if you had bought more RAM memory. Use our new ActiveMemory© technology to make your system more stable. Examine your computer as if you were a real forensic. Locate and find solutions to the typical problems in your computer. Accelerate your Internet connection in a spectacular thanks to IntelliPackages©. Defragment your disk in a few minutes with MFO© Technology, your PC will seem new. Analyse and correct failures in your hard disks. Accelerate the speed with which your favourite programs will be executed. Avoid failures in your PC thanks to the improved SystemGo© technology. Control your net equipments from your desk. Internet speed up with IntelliPackages©, tool to locate and solve problems, programs speed up PC speed up with SPC© system. Advanced defragmentation is included, analysis and fixing of FAT y NTFS systems, system forensic to examine hardware. Features file and folder advanced encrypter, free ram with error preventer, DVDR, CDR and hard disk verifier, advanced disk cleaner. Edit the list of programas that runs with Windows System Recovery. File renamer, advanced Virtual Desktop system, definite eraser (goverment type). Uninstaller Undelete Net remote manager, Net and Internet activity viewer. Intelligent protection system against failures, web updating and much more...You will discover our new technologies to optimize and accelerate your PC, you will also discover new utilities to prevent problems in your PC. You will find more than 20 tools that will be a must in your computer for good. MindSoft Utilities XP is a utilities software.

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While using your PC,...

MindSoft FreeRAM

While using your PC, the executed programs and the used files are taking part of your RAM memory, progresively slowing down your equipment. MindSoft FreeRAM can recover the lost memory to make your system work as fast as it was at the beginning. The new 2.0 version has been optimized to work under Windows XP, obtaining the best results running its applications. Buy FreeRAM right now and your PC applications will go faster than ever. MindSoft FreeRAM is a utilities software.

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