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CDSHiELD is a home-made cd-protector application which provide a awesome security against hackers. What's the benefits to using CDSHiELD ?: * Protect against unauthorised copying of the CD with a CD-Recorder using CD copying softwares. * Prevent users coying the contents of your CD-Rom to their hard drives and removing your original Master CD * Improve sales and revenues and protect yours developments investiments. * Protect your work at lower cost with royalties free >> CDSHiELD SE FEATURES: * CD-PROTECTION + ENCRYPTION SET * CD-KEY REQUEST (+ Encryption): This option lock your application with a private 'key' to prevent unauthorised person using your software. * MESSAGE ERROR SET: This option add a 'nag screen' when a 'unauthorised' copy is detected. you can also set off this options to desactivate the nag screen. * STEALTH MODE:(v1.0c) This option can be used to increase the security on your application against hacker. * ANTI-RIPPING PROTECTION (to prevent hard drive application transfer) for more informations, look at the cdshield home site. security,encryption,cd burning,misc shareware listed in security,encryption,cd burning,misc section.

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