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MioToolbox is compos...


MioToolbox is composed of five handy graphics tools available at any time from a single mouse click: The pixel ruler, color picker, screen capture, lens, mouse lens, and more. Located unobtrusively on your desktop, MioToolbox remains accessible while you work. You can use any of MioToolbox's tools back and forth from any application without the need to close and open the whole application each time. MioToolbox's toolbar can be moved anywhere on the screen in compact or extended mode for maximum flexibility. Each of the tools can be launched with a single mouse click at any time. You can start any MioToolbox tool at any time while working in another application. The selected tool will pop up over your current application and minimize itself when you're done. MioToolbox is a demo categorized under graphic apps other tools.

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Pixel ruler is a vir...

Pixel Ruler

Pixel ruler is a virtual ruler to count pixels. Staying over your Windows applications, it will help you to know the exact size and position of any photo, document, icon, HTML element, etc. You can rotate the ruler and change the skin. This graphic apps::other software is listed under graphic apps other.

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MioFactory is a desk...


MioFactory is a desktop applications generator that lets you create downloadable and installable exe files using Web programming techniques: HTML, JavaScript, Flash, PHP, ASP, .NET, etc. Your applications can include installation procedure to add shortcuts to your application and website. You will be able from JavaScript, via URLs or from Flash using FS-Command to control non-rectangular windows, 8 channels MP3 playback, support XML or RSS, full screen with specific resolution (useful for flash games and animations), etc. Your applications will also be able to be installed to run when the computer starts. web development other demo listed in web development other section.

Keywords: software development html javascript flash php asp document pdf

Create clips using a...


Create clips using a virtual camera: ClipFactory is composed of a resizable view-finder and a preview window from where you can add a MP3 file, save or re-open your clips, set the playback speed. You can explort your creation in JPG, HTML or MIO. Mio file are usefull to keep your clips over your desktop, change zoom using mouse wheel or vertical arrow keys, or send them to your friends. ClipFactory is a freeware categorized under graphic apps animation tools tools.

Keywords: clip video animation image mp3 edraw

Abacuth Search the w...

Abacuth Search the Web

Abacuth Search the web is a small floating window where you can enter words you want to send to a search engine. Results are displayed in your default web browser. You can search using predefined search engines, or using your own list (search engines, but also merchant sites, online catalogues, news, music, etc.) Abacuth Search the web is particularly useful for those who often search a same keyword on several search engines to compare results, to find the best price, etc. Intensive searchers will appreciate. search and lookup tools freeware listed in search and lookup tools section.

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Use the easy-to-use ...

Tag Machine

Use the easy-to-use palette to choose colors, draw your tag over the desktop and save it as a Mio file. Send your tags to your friends or publish them on Internet. Tag Machine license is freeware and it is listed in graphic apps other software.

Keywords: draw tag drawing paint art painting mail filtering

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