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Quick ePics adds the power of high volume batch editing, to an easy to use 'What You See Is What You Get' image editor. The result is a highly scalable, easy to use editor, which saves hours preparing and optimizing images. Compared to other batch image editors, Quick ePics has the following advantages: 1) Images in a batch can be processed all at once or one at a time. 2) You get full 'WYSIWYG' control over every image in the batch. You see all changes as you make them. No previewing is required, because the 'End Result' is always visible. This makes batch editing easy for all experience levels. 3) True WYSIWYG JPEG optimization. A slider bar lets you quickly choose compression levels to create super fast downloading images. The image, as well as the displayed file size, size savings, and download time are immediately and dynamically updated as the compression level is changed. There is also a peek button to identify even the smallest compression quality losses. 4) Manual undo's and reloads are virtually eliminated. When they are required, they are performed transparently in the background. This lets you 'fine-tune' previously processed images, without completely re-editing them. 5) Most batch editors are great for large jobs, but awkward for small ones. Quick ePics however, handles small jobs as conveniently as large ones. In fact it behaves like a single image editor when only one image is selected. This means one less program to learn. 6) You can send JPEG images in emails, directly from Quick ePics. No more fiddling with "Insert" picture commands. (Emails containing images produced by Quick ePics upload and download lightening fast over the Internet.) 7) Drag or copy JPEG files for Auto FTP Upload. 8) Exchange Images with other applications using Copy-N-Paste or Drag-N-Drop. (Images can be exchanged with FTP programs, email programs, web-browsers, word processors, other image editors, as well as, Windows Explorer and Windows Search Assistant.). image editing shareware listed in image editing section.

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