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Extractor of files in RAW (BINARY) data like storages, databases. Resource extractor. Extractor of Vista resources, extractor of delphi compiled program resources, extractor of packed or crypted resources. Icon extractor, bitmap extractor, jpg extractor, gif extractor, png extractor, wave extractor, mp3 extractor, avi extractor, tga extractor, pcx extractor, swf extractor, mov extractor, cursor extractor, xm extractor, ogg extractor, asf extractor. Extracts data from raw (binary) files. Multi image converter (converts graphic files into ICO, BMP, JPG, Vista icons) with transparent mode (auto generation of icon mask for fast create of transparent icons) and Vista icons support (Microsoft Windows Vista icons with PNG Layer). Allows to convert PNG images (also with shading - 32BPP) into Vista or standard Icons (also true color icons - 32BPP). Features: - Extraction (from RAW, BINARY, DATABASE, ...) to BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, PCX, TGA, ICO, CUR, XM, MOD, WAV, OGG, MP3, S3M, AVI, DAT, ASF, MOV and SWF files - MULTIMEDIA EXPLORER (allows to play/view/copy image/audio/video files) + Conversion support (BMP, JPG, ICO, Vista ICO) + Drag&Drop + Clipboard + Fast displaying of images + Two modes of stretching images (smooth/fast) + Transparent mode + Icon-shading (supported 32BPP icons) + Rename resource option - Directories extraction - Optimized scan algorithm: NCBS (No Compare Byte Scan) - Quick extraction from CONTEXT MENU - Language support - Extraction of more than one format at only one scan session (SCAN AT ONCE ) - Checking integrity of formats - Fixing size of files with garbage data - Supported PE32+ files (64 bit processors) - Detection of packed exe/dll files (UPX, ASPack, ASProtect, FSG and many others) - FILTERING of data to extract: + input file extensions + icon properties (size and depth sieve) + image properties (width, height, depth) + input and output size of files. MultiExtractor license is demo and it is listed in system utilities backup, restore software.

Keywords: wave extractor mov mp3 extractor tga shading png images resource extractor raw binary files swf extractor extractor mp3 pcx asf swf files ncbs transparent mode dll files support bmp upx ogg xm mod realistic environment software serial

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