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HotButton ActiveX Control

Feature-packed Button control for developers who want an alternative to the standard Windows button you get with Visual Basic, .NET, and C++. Can be used on Microsoft Webbrowser component / Internet Explorer webpages . HotButton ActiveX Control is licensed as demo and filed in development active x section.

multi media webbrowser toolbars

My Command Button ActiveX

Create full featured buttons in all styles (Vista, XP, Office 2007 and 2007, gradient, IE, shaped) that support all color themes in all Windows versions. The tool enables you to make all buttons either standard, toggle or dropdown buttons. My Command Button ActiveX is a shareware software filed under development active x utilities.

xp office toggle default styles


The BKAudio v2.0 class library allows you to visually add sounds to your .NET applications! Documentation is provided in .CHM (Compiled HTML Help File) format and examples detailing methods of use, written in both C# and VB.NET are also given. Per Developer and Source Code Licensing are available. In both cases, there are no runtime royalties or other fees! Updates for the current version are free. BKAudio is licensed as demo and filed in .net components, .net audio components, audio section.

button control class library 9b

RustemSoft.Controls .NET 2.0 assembly

This development tool is a RustemSoft.Controls software package specifically designed for Windows Forms .NET developers. This development tools shareware RustemSoft.Controls .NET 2.0 assembly is categorized under development other.

class library software package text boxes

Custom Button Control

The 'Custom Button Control' is a full featured 'Lightweight' (windowless), substitute to the somewhat limited 'CommandButton'. This control has features including; All the standard interfaces you would expect in a button, Image support with nine different alignment choices, Extremely customizable colour options, Six different border styles, Optional text shadow, Plus much much more...

discount upgrades border styles custom button


Prevent unauthorised users from running any Windows application you specify. Block the desktop, Start button, Control Panel, Hide Drives or block individual folders. WinForcer is fully user configurable and supports different settings for each user or global blocking. WinForcer is a shareware software filed under security and encryption utilities.

network admin individually control panel

ActiveX Instrument Extension Components

ActiveX Automation HMI Instrument Input Components including different kinds of 3D buttons, switches, knobs, sliders, switchsliders, switchknobs and others can be widely applied in many industry HMI applications and Simulation environments. This demo is archived under activex controls category.

graphic component scada systems control values


Take control of the 'X52-ArkLight', a powerful spaceship and your homeworld's last chance of freedom. Fly through 50 levels (500+ screens), blasting a path through the Krainian Empire's blockades. ArkLight takes Arkanoid to a whole new world ! This games shareware ArkLight is categorized under action, arcade, arkanoid, breakout.

directx last chance empire


A unique multi-functional Digital Stopwatch application featuring variable timing resolution (can be set anywhere from 1/100 second to 1 second). It includes cycle-rate (cycles/second and seconds/cycle) and speed (kph or mph) measurement modules. SnapTimePro is a freeware software filed under timer, stopwatch, time log, speed measurement, rate measurement utilities.

stopwatch application csv selectable

3D Active Button Magic

With this button ActiveX control you can give a new fresh look to your windows, dialog boxes and forms, using your preferred shapes, 3D effects, surfaces, textures, bitmaps, cursors, animations, sounds, colors and fonts. The strength of this product is the fact that it doesn't make use of predefined bitmaps in order to render its surface: it calculates the 3D rendering of the surface using a high quality proprietary algorithm.

screen application button magic development environments

Anime Tennis Babes

This game brings the fun back to PC tennis games. Featuring stunning 3d graphics and an innovative control system that's easy to learn and tricky to master, it sets new standards in presentation and playability. And then there's those babes. Anime Tennis Babes is licensed as demo and filed in sports, arcade, action, sport, tennis section.


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