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MusiGenesis is a unique Windows program that lets you grow studio-quality music on an ordinary PC. It requires no programming ability and no musical experience. All you need is a desire to create music and an ear for what sounds good. MusiGenesis uses evolutionary theory to create studio-quality music. In a biological species, individuals that happen to fit their environment survive and reproduce while less-fit individuals die out. Over time, a species will be made up of the more-fit individuals and will be well adapted to its environment. MusiGenesis simulates this process musically by adding randomly-generated patterns of notes to a song. As each pattern is added, you play the role of natural selection by keeping the patterns that sound good and deleting the ones that don't. Within minutes, you've created a professional-souding piece of synthesized music. MusiGenesis songs can be as simple or as complex as you choose to make them. Each song is divided into tracks with their own synthesized instruments (piano, conga drums, movie dialogue, etc.). Each track contains as many patterns as you want to add, and each pattern consists of as many notes as you like. There are music programs available that are as powerful as MusiGenesis, but they are difficult to use and require extensive musical experience. Other programs require no musical background to produce professional-quality music, but only because they let you arrange prefabricated musical units. MusiGenesis combines the best aspects of both types of program: a powerful wavetable software synthesizer plus a simple user interface that lets you create unique music entirely from scratch and easily save it to WAV, MP3 or MIDI format. Make your own CDs or use your MusiGenesis songs as background music for video games, web sites, multimedia presentations or a host of other uses. Creating music with MusiGenesis is just plain fun. Download your free trial copy today and see for yourself. This audio software is listed under audio, multimedia music composers.

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