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The new version of the popular program 4WomenOnly is one of the most powerful systems for monitoring women's health. Thousands of women worldwide use 4WomenOnly, join them! Detect the period in your menstrual cycle most propitious for conception. The program will calculate your ovulation day and the probability of conception will be the highest on this day. Protect yourself against an unwanted pregnancy, 4WomenOnly will show you the safest days on the calendar. The program will show you detailed information about each day of your menstrual cycle, will predict your child's sex according to the entered data and will display detailed information about the child's birth date. You may have a regular cycle, or an irregular cycle, or various menstruation lengths - it will not affect the correctness of calculations because the program stores information about each of your cycles and about each day. The program has a convenient reminder for you not to forget to enter data about your state. The program calculates the number of days before each next menstruation and ovulation. With 4WomenOnly, you will never forget to buy feminine hygiene products before menstruation. A special wizard makes creating your own personal calendar easier. Do you have one or several female friends? Great! Create calendars for them as well to be able to choose optimal days for visiting parties or important occasions. If you do not want your colleagues or relatives to access 4WomenOnly, set a password. There is a calendar for half a year, statistics for particular periods, features for exporting and printing data and much more. 4WomenOnly is a guardian angel for your female health, download it and see it for yourself! This is a shareware listed under home, hobby calendars, planners,shell, desktop enhancements utilities category.

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