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This screensaver con... Screensaver

This screensaver contains 12 great nature images that have been kindly made available by Nikolay Dimitrov from You can change which images are displayed by the screensaver, how long each image is displayed, whether images should be scaled to fit your screen and play your favorite music files! The ability to change which images are displayed and to play music makes this a great tool that you will not get tired of using for a very long time. The screensaver also supports systems with multiple monitors! Once the screensaver has cycled through all images an advertisement for other products will be displayed for 15 seconds before the images are cycled again. Download this great tool today! It's FREE! Also remember to visit for more stunning wallpapers, screensavers and more! Screensaver is a freeware categorized under desktop screen savers nature tools.

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PCSummarizer places ...

PCSummarizer 2005

PCSummarizer places critical system information right on your screen where you can clearly see it all the time. Information that is shown is user configurable and you can even hide the display with the click of your mouse. Or you can simply click and drag the display to a different location on your screen. Information that can be displayed includes operating system information, owner information, total and available physical memory and memory load, total and available paging file, total and available hard drive space (per hard drive), network connection transfer rates (per connection) and CPU usage. The display is fully configurable. You can select the font, font color and all other related properties. You can also select the background color of the display or make it transparent. The display can be given various degrees of transparency making it even more unobtrusive. You can move the display to any location on your screen. All your settings and preferences will be remembered when you log off or restart your PC. PCSummarizer 2005 also has the ability to profile individual processes running on your system. Profiling displays information about memory usage and other important information. It also shows a graph of the CPU usage of the process. PCSummarizer 2005 also provides the ability to kill any process running on your system. The selected process is given 5 seconds to close. If it does not close in this time you will have the option of killing it instantly. PCSummarizer 2005 integrates with Windows Explorer to enable quick and easy access to file and application profiling, and with the configuration wizard you can be up and running in no time! Download PCSummarizer 2005 today and see for yourself! This software is listed under system utilities other.

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FileBarricader puts ...

FileBarricader 2004

FileBarricader puts up a barricade between your files and any unauthorized person, program, or entity. You encrypt your files using the latest industry standard cryptography algorithms, and only people who know the password will have access to the file. Transport the file anywhere you want, on any medium you choose, the barricade will remain up. FileBarricader 2004 provides you with the option of using any one of four industry standard encryption algorithms to protect your files. These include RC2, DES, TripleDES (3DES) and Rijndael (AES). The different algorithms provide varying degrees of strength with RC2 being the weakest and Rijndael (AES) being the strongest. FileBarricader also provides the ability to securely delete files. Files that are deleted with FileBarricader can be overwritten with random meaningless data for up to three times before the files are deleted, making it impossible to recover the files. FileBarricader can also create self decrypting EXE files that you can send to anyone, anywhere! The self decrypting EXE file is an independent, encrypted file that can be used anywhere on any machine, without having FileBarricader installed. This software is listed under security, privacy encryption tools.

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