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MyWebServer Address Monitor

The MyWebServer Address Monitor program monitors your dynamic IP address as often as every five minutes, and updates your MyWebServer 'VDNS Redirector Page' every time your IP address is changed by your ISP. This reduces the amount of time your server is 'Un Available' after an address change. The Address Monitor is not necessary if you do not use the MyWebServer VDNS Redirector or if you use a Dynamic Addressing Service like. ICQ, dyndns or DNS2Go etc. MyWebServer Address Monitor license is demo and it is listed in application servers, web servers software.

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The MyWebServer File...

MyWebServer File Extractor

The MyWebServer File Extractor Un-Mimes files that were uploaded to MyWebServer. Your Web Browser uploads files in a MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) format. When you upload a file using MyWebServer your file is saved in this format. This protects you from viruses and hackers. Uploaded MIME files are placed in the directory that is specified in the "File Upload Location:" field of the Server Properties Page. Uploaded files are given numeric names corresponding to the date and time they were uploaded and have a .mim extension. In order to extract your uploaded file from a MIME file you need to use a mime decoding program like the MyWebServer File Extractor. For a demonstration of the MyWebServer File Extractor download the program. This is a demo listed under application servers, web servers category.

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MyWebServer URL Resolver

The MyWebServer URL Resolver program allows you to place shortcuts to web pages into your web site. This means that you don't need to know any HTML in order to easily add links and collections of links to your web site. This is a demo listed under application servers, web servers category.

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The MyWebServer Link...

MyWebServer Link Resolver

The MyWebServer Link Resolver program allows you to place shortcuts to files into your web site. This means that the actual files do not need to be located in your web servers root directory. just the shortcut to them. This allows you to keep files exactly where you want them. Even if that's not inside your web sites root directory you can still make them available thru your web site. ages. This internet software is listed under application servers, web servers.

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