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NetSupport DNA

For many organizations, the IT assets, namely Hardware & Software, account for the largest proportion of the IT spend. Companies large and small depend upon a collection of hardware and software networks, systems and databases to remain competitive and efficient.With such a high level of investment, it therefore follows that these IT assets must be properly managed and maintained to ensure both their availability and that they are functioning correctly when needed most. Equally, having accurate inventory records is critical in determining how many users within the organization are actually utilizing certain applications. Paying particular attention to asset tracking will alert an organization to its infrastructure needs and highlight when to efficiently deploy IT solutions. Not only will this help to remove excess licensing and therefore trim software budgets but proactive asset management will ensure compliance with software licence agreements and make budget forecasting. miscellaneous demo listed in miscellaneous section.

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NetSupport DNA Enterprise Management

IT assets account for the largest proportion of the overall IT spend, therefore, ensuring they are properly managed and maintained becomes one of the highest priority corporate goals for any organization where TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is high on the agenda. Facilitating central management of your enterprise PCs in a secure, coordinated and efficient manner, NetSupport DNA features fully automated Discovery and Deploy of clients across your network, instant Hardware and Software Inventory, full change history reporting, Real-time Application and Internet metering including usage restrictions, Software Distribution including automatic packaging of applications for installation on user systems without the need for interaction, optional NetSupport Manager Remote Control, Chat, Message and much more. Recognizing that organisations have differing requirements, NetSupport DNA is available in a modular format, allowing you to pick and choose only those features that best meet the current needs of your organization. This business software is listed under business other.

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NetSupport Manager Remote Control

Perform remote support and management on multiple systems simultaneously over a LAN, WAN and the Internet with this powerful PC remote control software. NetSupport Manager provides speedy, secure remote PC access, dynamic inventory, automated scripting and scheduling, file transfer, remote deployment, system monitoring, help requests and much more. Use NetSupport Manager to manage help desk support, mobile computing, desktop management, software training and system automation. A great add on for SMS. Network Computing Editors Choice Award winner. Installed in millions of desktops worldwide. Download a free, fully functional 30 day trial today. network, internet remote computing demo listed in network, internet remote computing section.

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