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ImageMatics StillMotion Creator

The StillMotion Creator allows the user to create pan and zoom animations from still images that have been scanned, taken with digital cameras or in existing image files. The software mimics the actual functionality of an animation camera stand, where you can apply pan, zoom and rotate to images. The completed animation can then be output in multimedia formats including: SWF (Flash 5 and 6 compatible) as Internet ready AVI, as high-resolution media files for professional video and direct support for HDTV formats. Unlike Flash, and other animation programs The StillMotion Creator lets you animate from the camera (viewers) point of view rather than the paradigm of Flash, e.g. “managing actors on a stage” This animation technique is used in almost every news show, documentary and commercial. The most famous example of this is perhaps Ken Burns’ documentary series on the Civil War. The StillMotion is for Web developers, content creators, video producers and photographers. It is easy to use even you have never used Flash. The programs can manage 64 images up to 4,000 x 4,000 resolution. It utilizes keyframe animation, It supports the most popular file formats and includes a sound track. Functions include: pan, zoom, rotate, fade and hold. Tracking paths can be edited interactively, may be straight lines or curves and the speed and acceleration of the movement is easily controllable. Major features: · Creates animated slide shows with sound · Makes Pan and zoom movies from still images · Creates keyframe animations from still images · Is very easy to use even if you have never used Flash · Outputs SWF, AVI internet, AVI Broad Cast and AVI HDTV formats · Supports major image file formats: TIF, JPG, BMP and TGA · Manages up to 64 images · Supports pan, zoom, rotation and fades This is a professional keyframe animation product capable of creating all the effects seen in "Ken Burns" s. ImageMatics StillMotion Creator is a graphics software.

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ImageMatics StillMotion Personal Edition

StillMotion Creator PE is a completely new product. It has a new friendly and familiar user interface and is quick and easy to use. StillMotion Creator PE makes sharing and showing off your photos easier than it has ever been. Load your pictures in a folder and simply tell StillMotion Creator PE to create a slide show. Select Publish and you're done. Just one click and Publish to do all this: Create a slide show to view on your PC Create a slide show you can e-mail as a self-extracting file. The recipient clicks on it and up it comes in its own player. Create a screen saver for your PC Create a screen saver that you can e-mail that will install itself with a single click Generate a web page with your slide show in place. Output a Flash compatible SWF file for creating your own works Add music, titles, professional annotation, matting, matting, effects and much more Advance sound features include individual soundtrack per slide, automatic show time to sound time option, easy insert editing, sound mixing controls per slide. EASY StillMotion Creator PE can quickly import your images into a slide sorter display. You can then change the order of the slides by simply dragging them around the sorter screen. Insert other entire folders, groups of images or select individual images to add from any source you choose. Image scaling and centering are all done automatically for you! You can drag and drop from folders so making your slide shows is easier than ever! POWERFUL To beautify your slide show, animated menus let you pick from over 20 styles of transitions and effects. You control the timing. Plus, a built in image editor lets you crop your photos, rotate them and correct brightness and contrast... all without leaving StillMotion Creator PE. You can even select solid or textured matt backgrounds, or import your own custom backgrounds for creating attractive professional looking presentations of your digital images. ImageMatics StillMotion Personal Edition is a demo categorized under digital photography, slide shows, multimedia animation,virtual tours, swf tools,animation, screen saver, web publishing tools.

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