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This business software program is used for 3D furniture designing for manufacturers of furniture and other products made from sheet materials (wood, metal, glass, etc ..), whose product range is wide or permanently changing Mobi3D is an easy to use, user-friendly software, with a simple interface. The usage of the software is simple and it does not require any special training. This business demo Mobi3D is categorized under graphic apps cad.

furniture interface user friendly software

Free Fingerprint Verification SDK

Freeware SDK and .NET components for biometrical application development for Windows platform. Includes programming samples in C++, C#, Sun Java 2, Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic .NET and Delphi 7. Supports 40+ major fingerprint scanners and sensors. Free Fingerprint Verification SDK is a freeware software filed under development components, libraries utilities.

dfr 2080 futronic delphi 7

WAP Upload

This tool software helps people whose mobile phones do not have IrDA, cable, or Bluetooth interfaces to make their phones special. It allows you to upload games, music, MIDI, MP3, graphics, video and themes to the phone via WAP. Surprise your friend or girlfriend. Upload a file (picture, music, etc.) and then send a unique code of the file to the person via email. Download a free trial now! WAP Upload is licensed as shareware and placed in communications other comms tools section.

free trial version phone music wap site


ActiveX DLL for Visual Basic, ASP, etc. to automatically create HTML tables and files from Excel workbook files. ExcelToHTML is licensed as shareware and placed in activex control section.

excel workbook activex dll visual basic

Hellhog XP

Adrenaline-pumping 3D Orbital Combat Shooter playing in the fururistic N.A.G. universe. You are put in control of an orbital combat drone and your mission is to guard and protect motherships or space stations against hordes of alien intruders and space parasites. Fight your way through 4 levels (33 in the full game) of orbital combat madness and experience a new style of arcade gameplay. Hellhog XP is a demo software filed under arcade, action, space shooter, 3d action utilities.

full game real 3d intruders

King Kong Capture

The Image Capture Tool for everybody ages 5 to 95! Capture, store or send images to friends and family.King Kong Screen Capture is very easy to use, there is no complexity in it, only download it and start to capture images of any shape. Another very good feature of king kong Screen Capture is that it support almost all type of images. King Kong Capture is a freeware software filed under graphic apps screen capture utilities.

screen capture business activities images


This office and business application is a tool used to perform nonlinear regression (curve fitting), statistical analysis & data plotting. Fit equations with up to 100 parameters to data with up to 20 independent variables. Define your own equations or choose from over 600 pre-defined equations. Results include customizable 2D/3D plots, as well as detailed fit information. Export code in BASIC or C to use an equation in a user written program. Easy to learn and use. DataFit is licensed as commercial and placed in math, science, engineering, statistics section.

confidence intervals data tables batch mode

Snow Screensaver

Snow screensaver. 40 cool snowy pictures to decorate your screen while you're not busy. Watch these crisp wintery as your screen saver changes the pictures for you. Add your own background music selection if you want. Screen Savers shareware Snow Screensaver is listed in desktop screen savers seasonal tools.

screen saver snowy pictures music selection


This is a freeware friendly user interface for GNU WGet downloader. Automatically resumes broken download if internet connection was interrupted. Resume you downloads seemlessly if your internet connection was broken when you were downloading a file. dPilot is a freeware software filed under downloader utilities.

resumes user interface internet connection


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