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New Star Soccer 2 is...

New Star Soccer 2

New Star Soccer 2 is a football game with a difference. Start out as a 16 year-old footballer and work your way to the top flight by being sharp on the pitch and shrewd off it. Build your skills, make the the right transfer moves and deal with the the people around you with care, and you may just end up playing for your country in a World Cup Final! New Star Soccer 2 is a games software.

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New Star Soccer 3 ta...

New Star Soccer 3

New Star Soccer 3 takes football gaming to another level putting you right in the action. For the first time in the New Star Soccer series matches are played out in beautiful 2D graphics giving you full control of your player's actions. Defender, midfielder or attacker, the choice is yours, just make sure you keep the boss, fans and everyone else happy on your rise to football stardom! This is a shareware listed under games, entertainment sports category.

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