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MP3 EZlib Music Library/Playlist Manager

EZlib is a Free MP3 Music Library/Playlist Manager, written in assembly language, featuring a front-end Title/Artist (and 12 other ID3v2 tag fields custom query) which can be used to build a more refined working list of songs. Features: 1. Search ID3v2 tag fields to create a Working List 2. Single and mass ID3v2 Tag Update 3. Four user-defined, Custom ID3v2 tag fields 4. Four user-defined Music Rating Fields plus Tempo 5. Playlist creation and maintenance 6. Playlist Tweaking at runtime (on-the-fly) 7. Search inside your Lyrics & Comments ID3v2 tag fields 8. Rename music files to match ID3v2 tag fields 9. Rename music files with a numeric prefix for CD writing in playlist order 10. Print Duplicate Titles List 11. Print Unique Artists List 12. Print: Working List, Playlists, Lyrics 13. Built-in, high quality MP3 player 14. Written in Assembly Language for speed. audio, multimedia other freeware listed in audio, multimedia other section.

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