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Duplicate Preventer is...

Duplicate Preventer

Duplicate Preventer is a Microsoft Excel add-in that helps to prevent entering duplicate data while working in Excel. Duplicate Preventer integrates into MS Excel by placing its toolbar into the Excel toolbar area. The add-in allows defining where to check for duplicates in the active row, column or only in a selected area. The duplicate tracking is optionally possible with exactly the same data and data within different letter cases. Defined tracking options save and activate in one click when required. This business software is listed under business office suites, tools.

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AllWallpapers Lite 2 i...

AllWallpapers Lite

AllWallpapers Lite 2 is the most powerful free wallpaper changer is now even faster. No other wallpaper software provides so much freedom to create, organize, and update your wallpaper collection. Use the Autodetect mechanism to let the program choose the best picture layout on the desktop. Take advantage of wallpaper group operations. Add random sounds on wallpaper change and choose when and how to change wallpaper (manual or on a timer, on computer startup, once per day, in direct order or randomly, and moreÖ). Call often used commands, such as change wallpaper, even without opening the program just a single keyboard click. Customize the program layout and appearance as much as possible. Take advantage of the built-in image quality protection mechanism that takes care of retaining the image quality for different monitor sizes. Despite the light version of its more advanced brother, it meets the demands of most of the users of wallpaper changers. desktop wallpaper tools,desktop wallpaper managers freeware listed in desktop wallpaper tools,desktop wallpaper managers section.

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If you are a person wh...


If you are a person who needs to have new wallpaper every time; then AllWallpapers is the answer for you. AllWallpapers will contain all of your favorite images and whenever you need a favorite display, you will have it in a second. You donít have to worry about changing formats or which format the image is in. Also, no need to use external converter program to put convert image to wallpaper format (bmp, jpeg images) supported by Windows. Also you can enjoy four unique appearance styles like center, tile, stretch, fit desktop. So not only will your images be different each time they will also have different appearance. AllWallpapers is also very easy to setup and to use. It will not only fill your desktop with the favorite pictures and photos but also change desktop background. If you are looking for more dramatic results, you can shuffle the images to bring shocking suddenness in wallpaper appearance. Customize the change interval from 1 second to any number of hours. Now, never be stuck with the same wallpaper ever again. This home/hobby software is listed under desktop wallpaper tools,desktop wallpaper managers.

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Neat Install is a set ...

Neat Install

Neat Install is a set of high-quality graphics compatible with the following installation tools: InstallShield, InnoSetup, NSIS, AWInstall, VISE, WISE, InstallWizard, Ghost Installer, etc. The graphics pack adds a personalized and profession look to the software and improves the userís first impression. This development tools software is listed under development install, setup.

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Search From Office is ...

Search From Office

Search From Office is a productivity add-in that adds search abilities directly to the Office toolbar. Simply by selecting the appropriate information and search engine, you can quickly locate additional information. Manual input is also supported. Currently nine of the most popular search engines are supported. business office suites, tools shareware listed in business office suites, tools section.

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Worksheet search and a...

Worksheet Search

Worksheet search and activation add-in for Microsoft Excel. Worksheet search integrates into the Excel toolbar and adds a quick worksheet search using sheet name or a wildcard. The main purpose of the add-in is to help people using Excel workbooks with a large number of sheets to quickly switch between the required sheets. Worksheet Search license is shareware and it is listed in business office suites, tools software.

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We all know that it's ...


We all know that it's good to take breaks during prolonged periods of monitor use. But what's really happening when we overexert ours eyes? Staring at your monitor can lead to a variety of ailments, including headaches, eyestrain, blurred vision, dry and irritated eyes, slow refocusing, neck and/or backache, sensitivity to light, double vision and color distortion - all common symptoms of a condition known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS). Providing good vision for computer employees makes economic sense. It results in increased work efficiency and happier, more comfortable employees. It is a win-win proposition for employers to provide eye care for computer workers. Don't try to muddle through this alone. Take advantage of EyeShield installed to your work station. This home/hobby software is listed under health,office applications calendar and scheduling,office applications misc.,reminder,timers,system utilities clock,system utilities pims,pim,system utilities security,desktop,system utilities taskbar.

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