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PLUS Manager is a va...

PLUS Manager

PLUS Manager is a valuable software which is helpful for you in various ways, Like generation of quote, material estiamation, inventory management, interface with nesting software like PLUS 2D. Also you can see the various reports like material consumption, balance, customerwise goods supplied, pendings etc Advantages . Number of users can work at same time. . Quick and accurate generation of Quote. . Single click estimation and quotes generation based on your templates. . Easy to learn application with on-line help and tutorials. business office suites, tools commercial listed in business office suites, tools section.

Keywords: order processing inventory management quote estimation sheet metal fabrication memory consumption

PLUS BOMGen :- It is...


PLUS BOMGen :- It is a valuable tool for anyone generating a BOM, and making products, typically purchase departments of companies in Wood, Cabinets, Modular Furniture, Modular Kitchens etc. It also finds application in Glazing and Aluminium architectural companies. Generates Material estimate and calculates the cost of entire job consisting of parts measured by length, area, weight, volume, etc., fixtures and production lists. Also it can be interface with nesting software PLUS 2D , PLUS 1D. Advantages . Allows any number of user defined parametric products. . Quick and accurately generates the BOM and part sizes according to the parameters input. . Single click estimation and quotes generation based on your templates. . Easy to learn, application with on-line help and tutorials. PLUS BOMGen license is commercial and it is listed in business office suites, tools software.

Keywords: bill material modular kitchen furniture woodworking estimation quote independent variables

PLUS 1D is a Bar Nes...

PLUS 1D:Bar Nesting

PLUS 1D is a Bar Nesting optimization software, which helps reduce the waste in cutting any 1D (linear) material like pipe, bar, sections, flanges, angles, beams, tubes, channels, frames, extrusions etc. It automatically generates the optimum cutting plans once the part list, and the available stock has been entered. It has a simple user interface and you get the optimized result, with detailed reports at the click of a button. Benefits: . Very simple user interface. . Import data from a variety of sources. . Quick solution. . Support for cut thickness. . Detailed reports for cutting. Features: . Optimizes any number of stocks and parts . Integrated Inventory module tracks stocks & promotes offcut reuse . Powder coating database and estimation - outputs material quantities, weights, surface area etc. . Option to specify end-trims, cut allowance . Metric, English(fractional inch) units support . Comprehensive and Concise reports . Tailored RTF output - can be mailed, printed or edited in word processor. . Optional Add-on - Sections database includes W, M, HP, WWF, S, L, C, T, HSS shapes . Optional Add-on - Bar-coded labels to print identifying labels . Optional Add-on - Joints module. PLUS 1D:Bar Nesting is a commercial categorized under business other tools.

Keywords: 1d stock cutting optimization bar length nesting pipe lengths tubes channels sections flanges beams profiles sized businesses

PLUS Slitting Softwa...

PLUS Slitting

PLUS Slitting Software is an optimization software which helps reduce the waste in Slitting Coils. Once the Coils/rolls available and the parts required to be cut are entered, at the click of the button it gives the complete cutting plans, and detailed reports. Applications :- Sheet metal coils slitting optimization. Fabric roll slitting. Paper roll slitting Advantages Quick results and a clear concise output that you can use on the shop floor. Reduction in the number of offcuts (drops). Multiple materials in a single job. Immediate productivity with a simple User interface and no learning. PLUS Slitting license is commercial and it is listed in business office suites, tools software.

Keywords: trim optimization coils paper rolls fabric unpaid invoices

PLUS 2D is a state o...

PLUS 2D:Nesting Software

PLUS 2D is a state of the art nesting software for generating optimized layouts and reducing scrap generated by 2 dimensional cutting processes. It finds application in varied industries such as Glass cutting, Sheet Metal layout, Wood working, Building panel etc. Benefits: Nesting saves material and reduces scrap : The nesting technology is based on advanced cutting algorithms specifically designed to optimize the cutting layouts in shearing. It consistently delivers high utilization layouts, significantly reducing the waste and maximizing productivity. Automatic Nesting saves time, and shortens production cycle : PLUS helps industries that are involved in cutting bulk volume of two-dimensional Stock material, by saving material and shortening the production cycle. Quickly and accurately estimate your material requirements : PLUS 2D not only gives you the optimum cutting layouts but can also tell you what sheet sizes should be ordered. No Learning curve, be productive in 5 minutes : Just input the stock available, the parts required and with a single mouse click produce the complete cutting plan. Features: Multiple stock, multiple part nesting. Decoiling support (stock in the form of rolls). Integrated customer and order entry database. Metric and English units (mm, inch support). Material Library, Part assemblies, standard shapes and parametric shape library. Automatic generation and tracking of offcuts. Simple UI, with import of data by copy and paste from spreadsheets. Support for saw blade thickness, grinding margins, cut complexity. Support for Non-Rectangular parts via DXF import Customizable output with layout drawings. Layout confirmation and Re-Nest options. Detailed reports, Label printing, and CAD interface via DXF export capability. . Optionally, generates CNC Codes for many controllers - CNC Beamsaws, Panel saws, Cutting tables . Add-on Bar-coded labels to print identifying labels. PLUS 2D:Nesting Software license is commercial and it is listed in business office suites, tools software.

Keywords: nesting panel cutting optimization sheet metal layout reduce scrap glass woodworking material shearing cnc codes customer interface

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